Grinnell (Iowa) sophomore scores 138 points in D-III basketball game

Holy crap. Jack Taylor went 52-108 from the floor, and sunk 27 triples, in a 179-104 victory over Faith Baptist Bible College. He himself scored 34 more points than the other team.

Ok, so it’s D-III, but still pretty dang amazing.

I love that his 27 3-pointers came on 71(!!!) attempts. He shot something like every 20 seconds. A guy on the losing team scored 70.

The article says that the team “make[s] complete line changes every minute or so.” What does that mean?

apple-They substitute all 5 players at once. (read it on ESPN)

Oh. Then how did this guy stay in long enough to score that many points?

Well, he shot a three once every 33.8 seconds. His total shots were every 22.2 seconds.

According to ESPN, they substitute every 60 seconds.

That’s taking the run and gun offense to a completely new level. I heard his point total this morning and thought he must have shot out of his mind. Then I saw his FG%. It’s actually kind of unimpressive. That said, I’d love to see a legit D1 school apply this tactic.