Griswold waffle iron

I have a Griswold cast-iron waffle iron like this one. I have an electric stove. Can this waffle iron be used on my stove?

You can not, you will burn your house down.

Please send me that waffle iron immediately, it’s for your own safety!

And now the real answer: I bet it would work. It’s not like waffle irons need to get to 500°.

Is it flat on the bottom?

The bottom looks like the top. It sits in a ring. The ring goes over the burner, and there is a ball hinge opposite the handle. You cook the waffle on one side, then flip it.

I assume these were designed for wood-burning stoves. If the lid is on the stove, then it would be like cooking over an electric element. But I haven’t tried it yet.

You serious, Clark?

You know, I’ve only seen that movie once. When it came out.

Yes, I have one. :slight_smile:

It should work fine. Heat’s heat; if the electric range can heat up a skillet that sits on it, it should heat up a waffle iron that hovers over it just fine. Now, if it were an induction stove, that would probably complicate things a mite…

I have one. Yes, it works just fine on my electric stove.

That’s what I was wondering about. A frying pan sits directly on the element. This ‘hovers over it’.

Thanks, Muffin! I’ll have to give it a try.

I think you’re probably right about waffle irons, but “Heat’s heat” is not always true for all devices.

For example, I own a wok that is worthless on an electric stove. If you put it on the ring that keeps it just above the burner, it never gets hot enough. If you put it right on an electric burner, then you have two square inches of really hot and the rest is still not hot enough. On a gas burner, everything works perfectly.