Gross Outs

Just a disclaimer that this thread (if it evolves) may offend the easily queezy.

A co-worker and I started out a kind of one-upper gross out contest today and it got me wondering about others experiences.

What is or are the grossest thing(s) you’ve ever been witness to or had to do?

Having grown up in northern New Jersey, I could say that that is the grossest thing of all, but to start the thread I’ll list my top 3.

  1. Having to remove the loooooong dead carcass of a dog from a darkened and humid (read: moldy and mildewy) room of a house that the construction company I worked for was hired to renovate.

  2. Taking a short cut across some unused train tracks with a few friends on our way to a party and coming across 2 severed and severely stinky cow heads. Not skulls mind you, whole heads. Although a good portion had been eaten by wildlife and the insects that currently resided inside of it. As a side note to that, my two friends each took one home. Friend A and I were discussing how best and least ickily to strip his head down to just a skull when Friend A’s dogs got to the head and answered our question for us.

  3. While working at the local corner pharmacy/quick-e-mart, a friend of mine used to request that we come by and spare him his incredible boredom on occasion. On one particular occasion a recent patron of the store returned, stating that there was a vagrant in the parking lot complaining of leg pains. My friend being the manager, went out to investigate and came back to point out that it was just Gimpy Gus, a local vagrant that almost everyone in town knew by sight. A short time later another previous customer re-entered the store to alert the manager of the same situation. Thinking that perhaps something might really be wrong with him, my friend went out again to check on him.

A few minutes later he returned and said he was going to call the cops. The police arrived and asked Gimpy Gus to take a hike, but he didn’t move or even acknowledge them. They actually went back to their cruiser to get paper masks to put over their faces and rubber gloves and were about to forcibly remove him from the premises when GG flipped out, screaming and crying about his leg.

Figuring it probably safer (and more sanitary) if EMT’s came and took a look at him, the cops had an ambulence there in a few minutes. In the mean time, GG had calmed down, but he seemed more coherent. The EMT’s also put on masks and gloves and began to interrogate GG about his condition (he was very obviously drunk), and he repeated his complaint about his leg. When one of the EMT’s tried to grasp his leg, GG completely flipped out again, thrashing and cursing until they backed off.

In place of touching him, they instead cut away his jeans from the bottom up to about his mid thigh. GG’s socks were black. Not dirty black, but once were white and now can never even dream to be again black. The cops moved away and seconds later this overwhelming stench of rot rolled over to where my friend and I were watching.

The EMT’s carefully cut away at GG’s sock and sneaker, and when they peeled it away, his skin came with it. Maggots squirmed out of his leg and on to the pavement. His leg was so gangrenous that flies were actually reproducing in it.

I’ll spare you the part about all the vomiting that took place.

Anyone got a one upper? :wink:

I think the real question here is what exactly do you do with a “severed and severely stinky cow head”?

I’m not sure I can top that, yecchhh! But here’s my story nonetheless:

I was home from college for the summer (many years ago). My bedroom at my parents house is in a back corner with only one window, which I hardly ever opened because of living right off a dusty road. Being a typical college student on vacation, I tended to ignore the growing pile of dirty clothes at the foot of my bed. After about three weeks, I started to notice a slight smell in the room. I made the natural assumption (no air circulation + dirty clothes) and thought about doing the laundry. Two days later, the smell hadn’t improved, but the pile of clothes was gone. My next hypothesis was that a mouse died somewhere (my parents had a mouse problem at the time). However, over the next three or four days, the smell got worse…much worse. This was summertime, remember. My father and I finally decided we had to look under the floorboards. We moved my bed over, grabbed some tools, pried up a floor panel, and then…all the room started spinning. Let me say, driving by ‘road kill’ might give you an idea of the smell, but imagine if that ‘road kill’ was in the seat next to you! Apparently a stray cat got in a fight with some other animal (dog, possum?), lost horribly, and crawled under my house, my room, my bed to die. As I said the smell was terrible. The sight was equally upsetting. But now came the worst part. It had to be removed. Putting on gloves, my father and I divided up the chores. He’d pick it up and put it into the thick plastic bag that I’d be holding open. I’ve never seen maggots and cockroaches coexisting before, but this cat corpse had it all. I don’t envy my father for having to pick it up, but I really didn’t envy myself either when the cat’s intestines fell out of a hole in it’s side and landed on my foot.


Friend B was going to use it for an ashtray or a candle/incense holder, and Friend A and I were also contemplating a use for it.


Seemed like a good idea at the time :stuck_out_tongue:
[bold}Pies[/bold]: Blech! Hope you were wearing shoes!

Tonight. About an hour ago. 3 year old daughter is picking her nose, digging for gold. (I was typing in here, so I was just kinda watching her to see where she’d wipe it so I could clean it up). She pulls out a brain tumor, looks at it, analyzes it, decides it’s a vital part of her existence, and stuffs it back up her nose and smiles. I nearly threw up. Got some tissue and worked it all back out. Dear god, I wonder what was going through her mind. That was just plain fucking nasty.

Keep in mind my mom’s been divorced for many years, hasn’t had a steady relationship in awhile. I come home from the store one night, she thought I’d gone to work, so I was much earlier than she expected. Unlocked the door to find her on the couch with a vibrator.
Two nights later, around 3 am or so, I come home from work, find her on the computer with the webcam going. Not only does she not bother to hide the conversation (well, at least lower the volume), she keeps going. While I’m sitting in the room, she’s gettin off with some guy.
The next night, I find a picture entitled “nipples.bmp” on the front screen of the computer. Out of stupidity, I click on it, find a picture of my mom topless with clothespins hanging from her nipples. Great…
So last night, I was talking to Rashad, and complaining to him. The bastard wanted to see the picture. so I go to find it, it’d been removed from the desktop. So I did a file search for it in Explorer. While I didn’t find that one picture, I found a whole folder of masterbation shots, and boobies, and her big white ass…Did I mention my mom is NOT a small woman, and the sight of her fat was utterly repulsing? So I sent them to Rashad. Hey, if I have to suffer, then so does he! What are friends for? We both had pretty awful nitemares last night.

Sure, this doesn’t top maggot filled legs, or severed cow head carcuses, or even daughters in search of buried treasure. But think of your mom. And then imagine the apallment of finding naked pictures of her on your computer. And just try to picture her with clips on her tits. Yeah. Not a very pretty picture, is it?

Oh… my… god.

Warning: I mean this Do not look at this if you don’t like blood, a mess, hell, just don’t look at this at all. A man (alive) with his face torn off. This is one of the most disturbing things i’ve ever seen.


A similar bid for gross outs produced this yucky thread.
I co-won (sticking hand into 100 year old water filled casket) with demented teen diapers.
I encourage every rational person to steer clear of BTW. -R

Wow, I’ve been thinking of starting a thread like this for a week or so just to share my story. Hope everyone enjoys!

Near where I live, there’s an open gym for wallyball (volleyball on a racquetball court with a net strung across it) every Friday. Three guys run it, collecting an entrance fee and providing Gatorade, chips, pizza, all sorts of stuff.

One of the guys running it is about 45, 50 years old. This particular Friday he apparently wasn’t feeling too well. He didn’t say anything, we just … found out. How? Welllll …

Midway through the evening, a group of eight of us are on the court playing, with another six or so watching (the court has a glass wall at the end). This 50ish guy goes up for a spike, hits the ball, grunts with the exertion and and and – loses all bowel control. A biiiiiiiig splatter of runny shit on the floor, about three feet by four feet, all down his leg, and he’s gripping the bottom of his shorts, trying to keep the rest in. It’s all he can do to mutter “sorry guys” as he walks off the court, a completely horrified look on his face. I don’t know HOW he’ll be able to face everyone the next time around.

Oh, and the guy who was attempting to block his spike attempt … when the shit splattered, it splattered all over his shoes and socks and leg too. Shudder.

In fourth grade a kid named Tim would sit next to us at lunch. Tim constantly got bloody noses and he kept his finger on his nose to close it almost all day. After awhile the blood would coagulate and in the middle of lunch he’d pull the clotted blood out of his nose. Sometines it was 4 or 5 inches long and it looked like a bloody worm! He’d say “Look guys!” and dangle the bloody worm over his tounge like what Tom Green did in Road trip. That made even a 9 year old boy shudder.