Grosser then gross

a snip:
A lizard found in a bag of crisps in August survived for two or three weeks after being sealed inside, according to Japanese officials.


Hey, that happened to me! Kinda. I found a dried, dead frog in my jumbo pack of Planter’s mixed nuts! It was pretty nasty. It was cool in a way, though. I sent them the frog after complaining…they sent me 3 free cans of nuts, a box of oreos, a box of Ritz, a box of LornaDoone shortbread cookies, a jumbo pack of Chips Ahoy, a box of Stella Dora (?) cookie like thingies, 2 or three pudding mixes, and a few other things. I had snack food that lasted me over 4 months! :slight_smile:

Needless to say, that made up for the frog.


That wasn’t their fault, Jman…