Ground Coffee Storage

I purchase 1 lb. of whole beans and grind some of them each week for my single serving coffee maker. Does it matter whether I store the freshly ground coffee on the counter or in the fridge? Someone told me once to put them in the freezer but I have since learned that’s not really necessary.

The container they are stored in isn’t air tight, but I could just as easily put them in a zip lock bag, but again, is it better to store them cold or out on the counter for about a week?

From here.

I’m assuming they’re talking about the beans.

We put the ground coffee in a Tupperware-type container, the beans are still in the bag they came in, sealed tight.

The place to store ground beans is in the filter cone. Even sealed up, coffee starts losing quality and flavor almost immediately on grinding. If you go to the trouble of buying beans and grinding them, grinding a week’s worth at a time is really undercutting the whole effort.

My thoughts are coffee starts losing its flavor immediately after roasting. If you have ever had coffee that was roasted yesterday, or a few days before…there is nothing better! Get to know a coffee roaster, and frequent that place.

Experiment a bit for yourself. People perceive flavor differentials at varying levels of sensitivity, and it may be that you won’t be able to notice any difference no matter how they’re stored.


Insert obligatory joke, courtesy of the SDMB:

I like my men like I like my coffee. Ground up in the freezer.

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I like my women like I like my coffee: thick, black, and bitter.

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