Ground Glass as Anti-Skid Material

This winter, Scranton has experimented with using finely ground glass as anti-skid material, in an effort to save money. It really seemed like a good idea at the time.

However, after the snow melted, we are left with large amounts of ground glass on either side of the road, and there are various other concerns about it’s effect on pets paws, children falling in it, etc. While I agree with the contention that “a brush burn could result from falling on the ground glass just the same as if a person fell on an area covered with regular anti-skid”, the glass seems to be easier to track inside than the salt/cinder mix, and it doesn’t seem to run off with rain or melting snow as easily.

I was wondering if other Doper locales use the ground glass method of anti-skid, and what their thoughts are.

No, but I have the problem of disposing of ground glass. Mine must be more finely ground, though, its a soft powder. The problem is it has to stay wet, or it can become a serious respiratory hazard.