Ground Instructor Certificate

How do I go about obtaining the knowledge required to obtain a Ground Instructor Certificate?

A local for-profit college is apparently thinking of opening an Aviation program. Might be fun to teach in my ‘spare time’. (HA!)

Per the FARs, requirements include:

So… Pick up Fundamentals Of Instructing and study it and the applicable parts of the FARs (listed above) until I’m ready to take the test, then pass the test and fill out the form?

This is not something that I’m ‘just itching’ to do, but it does sound interesting. If I go for the certificate, it would be as much for my own knowledge as for a potential teaching situation. I’d love to hear some advice.

I needed to order something else from amazon, and Gleim 2015 FAA Fundamentals of Instructing Test Book was in my shopping cart. So I ordered it.

If anyone has advice to give me, I’ll gladly read it!

My biggest question (and, perhaps, yours) is whether you can just go and take the exams, and if you pass, get the certificate, or whether you also need X hours of classroom instruction, a flight medical certificate, or even actual flight hours.

I’ve been interested in adding some “interesting” certifications to my belt (uhh, resume), but am often dissuaded because I don’t have time to attend the six month, full time classroom instruction that is required before you are allowed to take the exam, or because I don’t see how I am going to get the 3 years of experience in Important Stuff that is required to qualify to take the certification exam. Why would they hire me? I learned everything I know about Important Stuff from a book, these other candidates have 5-10 years of experience.

I’m dismayed every time I hear a complaint about how someone is having trouble advancing in their career because they can’t pass the next test because they are (illiterate, functionally illiterate, “not good with numbers”, not a native English speaker, not the test-taking type, etc.). I think, damn! Just let me take the test! Corner office here I come!

No training or endorsements required, just go take the test(s) and fill out an 8710. Bring the test results and the 8710 to the FSDO and you’ll walk out with a temp.

If it’s your initial instructor certificate, find a testing center and take the FOI written and the Ground Instructor written, which I’m pretty sure is just a CFI written. If you already have a CFI, have a teaching certificate to teach 7th grade or higher, or teach at an accredited college or university, the FOI is not required. That said, the FOI written is a joke.

Take a look at 14 CFR §61.213.