Growing out of allergies/allergies to tofu

Is it possibible for someone to grow out of an allergy to tofu? I was allergic (instantaneous rash, sever itching) when I first tried it in 1st grade. I’m now 19, and I’m hoping that I’ve grown out of it.

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I don’t know specifically about tofu, but I was allergic to several foods as a child but am not as an adult. Maybe my ‘allergy’ to tomatoes was psychosomatic :wink:

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I don’t know if it’s possible to grow out of an allergy, but GOD I hate tofu and anything else that involves soybeans.

At work they started using a soy-based ink in the printers and now every time I pick up a document my nose stuffs up and my eyes get red. I can’t breathe, I can’t see, and when I blame it on the ink everyone acts like I’m an idiot because you “can’t be allergic to soybeans.”


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Most towns have allergists who can test for a food allergy without making you sick. A local naturopathic allergist I thought was full of crap with his electrodes and non-FDA-approved software went ahead and diagnosed my father’s allergy to coffee… years worth of itchy rashes gone , but now no mocha.

I know I was allergic to beestings as a kid, but I’ve been stung by a variety of bees and wasps as an adult with nothing more than local swelling and discomfort.

I don’t know about growing out of allergies, I’d imagine it’s possible; I seem to have grown INTO an allergy.

A few years ago, on a few occasions, I suddenly got sick for seemingly no reason. After about the third time, I realized that each time I had eaten fish. A while later I tried to get scientific about it, set aside a night when I had nothing to do, and ate some fish. It was horrible–throwing up every 15 minutes, my temperature dropped really low; it went on for hours.

I loved fish and really miss it now. I told myself at the time, “Never Again!”, but one of these days I may actually make another attempt, just to see if anything’s changed.