Growing Roses

Is it possible to take a clipping of a rose stem and make it grow roots? (You know, put a clipping in water near sun, wait a few days, and roots form at the bottom.) I know this is possible with more mundane plants, and almost swear that I’ve seen it done with a rose. Please let me know. Also, any special requirements, or would water be enough for the time being?

Hi AmyJohn!

This thread may soon be moved to a more appropriate forum, namely General Questions. But in the meantime…

To answer your question, yes, you can make a rose grow roots in the way you describe. From Roses:

[Chances are, you’re going the softwood cuttings route, so I’ll leave out the hardwood part.]

The hormone is available at most garden shops. The one I had was sold in a little foil packet and was specifically for roses, although I’m afraid I can’t recall the brand name right now. Not that it matters, really, since I haven’t used it yet and so am unable to attest to its quality anyway.

Hope this answers your question. Good luck with your roses. :slight_smile:

Wow, a bit more to it than I thought there would be, but the information is very helpful. Thank you! Let’s see if I can grow those beautiful roses I got yesterday . . .

Yeah, I almost placed this thread in GQ but figured the subject was a bit too mundane. Thanks so much!