Grr... I'm trapped in the land of ancient cinemas.

Matrix Reloaded is about to come out, and I’m stuck in the land of ancient theaters.

I guess If I’d grown up in a place with nothing but these old theaters, I wouldn’t mind, but after going to an AMC theater for most of the past 5 years, these blow!

They don’t have:

Stadium seating
high backed chairs
automated ticket machines to avoid lines
flip up armrests
adequate legroom (they still have the flipup chairs)

and most don’t have digital surround sound.

To top it off, I think the largest cineplex here has maybe 9 screens.

Thank heavens I’ll be visiting family at the beginning of June… I’ll watch the Matrix Reloaded at Tallahassee FL’s AMC 20 like God intended (same place I watched the first!)

Personally, I love old theaters. Give me a balcony! Give me some intimacy with my movie! I miss the fancy drapes and the velvet seats.

You know what I hate about new theaters? The damn new theaters that run 20 minutes of commercials before the PREVIEWS even start. I’ve sworn off two of the local theaters just cause of those damn commercials.

I grew up in California, within 5 minutes drive of a good cinema, and within 30 minutes drive of the colossal screens. But now, I live on a tiny island. There’s one movie theater in the whole country, and it has one screen. There are only two showings per day of the one movie the theater has that week, and NO showings on sundays. There’s no THX sound, no Dolby sound, I’m not even sure if there’s stereo sound. As far as I know, seating is ONLY avaialble on the crappy no-legroom seats in the tiny balcony. The seats in the lower level are all RIPPED and ROTTING from flooding during the most recent hurricane, and most of them have been torn out and thrown in a pile at the base of the screen, which by the way isn’t TENSIONED correctly so any image projected on it is WAVY. You wouldn’t want to sit in the lower level anyway, because that’s where the RATS and the CENTIPEDES that eat them live. Halfway through the movie, there’s a &%&*%^ INTERMISSION, all the house lights go up, and everyone gets up and mills around. They’re waiting for the guy in back to CHANGE THE REELS, because they only have ONE WORKING PROJECTOR.

Uh, sorry about that. I feel better now.

My sympathies for your crappy theater choices, Guybud5.

I thought you meant the old theaters that show only movies like “In Search of Noah’s Ark” and “Bigfoot - The Mystery”. Sorry.

My sympathies also on your crappie theatre. It does diminish the ability to suspend disbelief when you are in sub-standard surroundings.