Grrdening Folk: What should I use to create different levels?

I’m replacing my flower boxes with colorful pots along the side of my house. I want many different colors, shapes, and sizes. I also want to vary the height of the pots. This area will be blacktop underneath and vinyl siding along the house. What should I use? I thought of painted cinderblocks, but maybe there’s a product out there that I’m unaware of. Thanks!

Ok Kalhoun - don’t drool too much on your keyboard, but for most of my gardening needs I start here. They have so many wonderful ideas and a plethora of pictures. When the Mrs. and I were in Phoenix, we had a multi layered garden area of gravel/succulant cactus on the southern side of our house. Plenty of sun, and lot’s of flowers. You are in Illinois right? What side of the house will all this take place? If it is a southern facing area with plenty of sun, painted cinder blocks will look really cool. You can make multi-levels with painted plywood joining them to make small couch table looking areas. With the added height you could maybe even add a water feature.

That’s a great idea! I really need something to keep them off the new driveway. I guess I can drill into the cinderblock to keep the plywood in place with dowels.

That’s a great way to do it. Depending on how heavy your plants are, the weight of them may be sufficient to hold the ply down. My mother had painted her cinder block thingy green, she then planted purple and green wandering jew vines in the cinder blocks themselves, and they errupted with cool vines all season long. I wish I had a photo. The best part is if you don’t like it you can move them around…

I worked with temporary cinder blocks and lumber displays with plants.

  1. Severe wind can blow the structures over.
  2. Animals or people can knock the structures over. People like to sit on them and kids climb them also.

You want consider the fact it can fall over on occassions, so don’t build tall next to where you park a car. I couple blocks high won’t be likely to tip, but don’t leave space people will try to occupy.

You can use cinder blocks as individual pedistals, and top them with an 8x16x1 inch patio block.

Don’t use plywood for the structure. Use 2x4’s nailed with cross pieces of the same to make spaning members for the pots. The lumber should be on edge to give strength and minimize bowing, and sagging.

I’m going to experiment with some posts and diferent plant container mounting configurations this year.

Depending on how big your pots are at the base, you could use terra cotta drain tile at different heights. You can also turn an empty pot upside down and use it as a pedestal.

You need to post pictures after you’ve put it all together!

This area is strictly access for the parking area. We never park here, so that won’t be a likely hazard for us. I’m thinking I’ll only go one block high (stacked), both horizontally and vertically. There are rather low windows in this area so that will be as high as I can go. I’m hoping to get most of the variance with different sized pots. There are a bunch of neat ones on Lowe’s site. Expensive, but I figure if I just purchase a couple each week or two, I should be set before too long. I think I can accommodate 12-16 pots in the allotted space.

Yes, I’ll definitely give you guys a look-see once it’s completed. We’re getting a new driveway in a few weeks. At the moment, it is so hideous that anything will be an improvement! I’ll post before pics as well so you can see the drama!

Grrdening… is that a radical activity for grrrlz?

Heh-heh. I thought about having someone fix that, but actually, it’s the sound I make all summer because I only have a semi-green thumb.

Don’t do that ! This is the beginning of garage sale season. I see terra cotta pots at nearly every garage sale I go to for $1-$5, and if you buy a bunch you can usually talk them down a bit.

Thanks! I’ll definitely keep an eye out for some deals!

If you’re a garage-saler, and if you like “funky,” you’ll be able to find not only pots, but other containers you can use as pots – plus others you can use to display pots on, like shelving, toy wagons, an old chair missing its seat (find a big pot, or put together a box the size of the seat), etc.

Those are great ideas for the yard. This particular spot, however, can’t be much deeper than a foot, as it is right along the driveway (which is along the house), so some of the bulkier ideas wouldn’t work in that area. I have an enormous yard, though. I really like the “wagon” idea.

shakes fist in Phlosphr’s general direction

Durn you! I finally detoxed off my Food Network addiction and now you show me THIS? I rent, and the back is cement (though I’m allowed all the container gardening space I want) so this is just torture!

But if I ever move Southwest, I am so stealing this guy’s idea. It’s a “coral reef” made out of succulents! :eek: