grumble... grumble... locked myself out of the BATHROOM. Gah.

  1. Bent hanger failed.

  2. Credit card failed.

Short of calling a locksmith or taking the door off the hinges, what are my options?

Another option would be to unscrew the doorknob. But why don’t you want to just pop the hinge pins? That’s the 30-second solution.

If it’s a normal American-type bathroom door knob that doesn’t require a key, you should be able to unlock it using a thin, flat screwdriver. Just stick the screwdriver straight into the hole on the outside, and move/twist it until it finds the mechanism to unlock it. If you buy a new knob, it usually even comes with a tool specifically for this.

If you don’t have the hole on the outside knob, though, I’m not sure what to suggest.

It might help certain Dopers if you would describe the doorknob. If it has a keyhole-like thingy in it, you might be able to open it with a paperclip wire. Does it have a small round hole in the center? Or no hole? Good luck…

How did you use the bent hanger? Is there a tiny hole in the center of the knob? If it’s the type of doorknob I’m thinking of, you should be able to insert the hanger straight into the hole and feel a spring loaded button in there. Push and turn simultaneously.

Our doors growing up had a little indentions, just the right size for a little flat head screw driver. Turn and voila.

Pop the hinges. It’s really really easy and doesn’t damage the door.

Thanks for the replies.

It’s open. Long handled flathead screw driver method combined with bent coathanger in hole in doorknob. (First I had to find a damn screwdriver – my toolbox is buried in the garage since my move.)

But did you make it in time??

For a makeshift flat screwdriver, I’ve found the tips of a butter knife to have the same effect on my inside doors. Then again, my house is pretty screwy when it comes to locking yourself into places…it might not work for everyone.

Flad the screwdriver thingy worked for you.

Asked and answered. Closed, before it goes on.

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