Gryro recipie?

Last time we ground meat here (insanely worth it in terms of taste, expense and quality) we picked up a few legs of lamb.

Two questions, really.

First, what’s the easy way of making a gyro-approximation? As in, on a night when we don’t have a lot of time, we’ll pan-fry a ground meat, season it and make up wraps. Using pitas instead of wraps, what spices would we add to come close?

Second, what’s the slightly more complicated method (and would it be worth it)? As in, would it be better to bake it instead of pan frying?

Mrs. Devil did a good job at making tzatziki, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to buy the same sauce found in carts. Those guys work hard, but I can’t imagine they’re mixing up batches of sauce every morning. Can we get it in a bottle?

I know we can’t mimic that 3AM NYC gyro after a great concert, but maybe we can make something tasty.

The (other) master speaks.

Thanks. Any insight into the easy make-it-in-a-pan method? Again, don’t expect the same quality as a cart or a tea-towel-baked version, but something good and as reminiscence of it as possible.

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I do a slightly different Gyro (or kibbeh). Get some lamb mince, add some ground cumin and coriander, a bit of salt and some chopped mint. Fashion the mix around a skewer or two, bung under the griller (broiler) until browned.

Tsatsiki here is sold in small tubs rather than bottles, but it never lasts long enough to go off!

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My Big Fat Greek Sandwich (Part 1)
My Big Fat Greek Sandwich (Part 2)

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If you have a grinder, you probably have a sausage stuffer attachment. I suggest Gyro sausages. I made these using a gyro recipe I found on the internet and they were fantastic. the casing holds in some of the juice that runs out in other methods. If you look at Alton Brown’s recipe, most of the negative feedback is that they were very dry.

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