Guantanamo Bay and Children Captives.

Recently in a magazine article (I forget exactly what magazine it was) I read something disturbing. Some of the so-called “terrorist” captives at Guantanamo Bay are actually children, under the age of 18. Is this true? And I guess my question is two-part, because my second question is, Why hasn’t anything about this been told and generally spread about in the mainstream media?

If I find an article to share I will. But understand this might be hard to do since so little has been told about this.

Thank you in advance to all who reply:)

Omar Khadr has received a lot of media coverage up here in Canada.

To play devil’s advocate, I want to point out that age 15/16 is considered the age of majority in many countries outside the U.S. – not sure about Iraq in particular, but I do recall quite clearly a news story about a 12-year-old Iraqi boy who beheaded someone on video. (Couldn’t find a link, sorry.) If teenage boys are old enough to decapitate people they don’t like, if they are old enough to fight against an invading superpower, then they are old enough to take their medicine if they get caught.

(Don’t get me wrong…none of this detracts from the general bullshit going down in Camp X-Ray. I just think his age is irrelevant.)