Guarantor for spouse's hospital treatment

My wife was visiting the USA a couple of months ago (She’s American, I’m British and we live in the UK), while there she needed treatment in an ER.

She didn’t have insurance and couldn’t afford to pay for treatment at the time, so before cutting her loose they took her name, address and SSN as well as my name and address (No SSN, I’m not American).

As expected we received the bill for the treatment a couple of weeks ago but interestingly (to me anyway) it’s made out to me. I’m being billed as being the gaurantor for the cost.

Which leads me to ask: How can I be the gaurantor for a bill when I didn’t sign any paperwork saying so?

We fully intend to pay, I’m just interested in how come I’m the one being billed.

Any Dopers explain how the bloody hell this works?

Probably they are just billing the man, because women don’t have any money of their own.:rolleyes:

Generally speaking, your wife should have been billed, assuming she’s over 18. The only time the spouse would be named guarantor is if the insurance is in the spouse’s name or if the patient is under 18.

Sounds like the admitting clerk is a nitwit.