Guardian Angel, or something else???

This “event” has bothered me for years, and I’m wondering what you think of it.

I’d like to preface my story by saying that I’m not a religious person. The truth is, I have yet to decide what to believe.

I was 18 or 19 at the time, still living with my mother. One night, I went to bed & before I fell asleep, I heard a man’s voice. He said, “Everywhere.” I distinctly remember getting up on my elbow and saying, “What? I didn’t quite hear you.” I wasn’t scared, or even shocked at hearing a man’s voice in my bedroom. I listened for a minute, but nothing else was said. I laid back down and went to sleep.

The next evening, I got off work around 5 and headed home on my usual route. I came to a “T” intersection and I was first in line at the stoplight. It turned green… And I saw it turn green, but I didn’t go. All of a sudden, a carload of 5 girls in a Cavalier convertible shot through the intersection, going well over the 40mph limit. If I had hit the gass when I normally would have, I would have gotten creamed by that car on my side. I didn’t think about why I paused. In fact, I remember yelling something like, “IDIOTS!” once they were out of the intersection.

After I got home from work, I changed clothes and went out to eat with my best friend. While we talked, I made the connection that I could have gotten seriously bashed in just an hour earlier. And then I told her about the voice. It was then that I started thinking that maybe, just maybe, the two events were linked. Both my friend and I got goosebumps an inch tall from head to toe.

I’ve tried to tell myself that I dreamed the man’s voice, and it’s just my brain making connections that aren’t really there. You know, the way people can read a an incredibly general horoscope and link it to their life. But get this- my mom swears up and down that she heard the voice, too.
So, what does it mean? Who was the man? Was the near-crash related? Am I out of my friggin’ skull? I’d like to hear what you think.

Something else.

Let’s face it, if this were supernatural intervention, you would have heard “Look out for idiots at the intersection tomorrow.” Hearing voices while heading off to sleep is not uncommon; I think they are called “hypnagogic hallucinations”.

Also why would your mother hear the same thing if it was a message to you.

How does “everywhere” tie in with the incident?

Did you recognise the voice as someone you may know? It may be some strange memory you were having, kind of like a skipped record.

I’ve sat at lights before and seen green and still not acted for a few seconds. It’s like when you try to do something but in trying to do it your brain cuts out when you need to act.

I didn’t recognize the voice. It was kind of a generic male voice. Not unique like James Earl Jones or Casey Casem. I haven’t the foggiest idea what “everywhere” means.

The only reason I even thought about the two things being related is that they happened within a short frame of time.

The part about my mom hearing the voice-- Well, I just don’t know. Maybe whoever was talking to me had me on some kind of reverse speakerphone. Hell, I don’t know. :confused:

I get brain blips every now and then, like you described. This instance was remarkable because if I had reacted normally, I would have been hurt badly.

I’m all for logical thinking. And over the years I’ve concluded that:
a) I was in that stage between sleep and wakefulness and I imagined it. So my mind confused the voice with reality, and then connected the to the near accident (like in the horoscope scenario). Therefore Mom is totally blowing smoke up my arse
b) It was real.
Naturally, A is a lot easier to buy. Had it not been for my mom hearing the voice, I probably would have forgotten about the whole thing by now. I’ve asked her countless times if she was lying and she’s absolutely adamant that she heard it.

Your neighbor had his TV too loud. One word, “everywhere”, got out, then he used the remote to turn it down.

I chalk the traffic non-incident to perephial vision & a subconscious reaction.

No, wait. I’ve got it. You have a guardian angel. But really he’s a stalker named Nigel and he lives down the street. He wears an anorak and follows you around on a scooter saving the day. The voice you heard was him outside your window with a ladder and a megaphone. He says “everywhere” because he’s a wee bit paranoid. At the intersection he was really controlling your mind with his home made 1920’s style dea… mind control ray.

You see, my scenario is much more plausible. :stuck_out_tongue:

p.s. I am not Nigel. Honest.

LOL… I’ve always wanted a man to scream sweet nothings at me with a megaphone…

If you build it, he will come …


Your name isn’t Samuel by any chance is it? :wink:

I am a religious person so maybe it was a guardian angel…who knows?

I would be more likely to discount that idea and just offer up a prayer that for whatever reason I stalled at the light and avoided what could have been a nasty accident.

Glad it happened to you either way and that you are safe. :slight_smile: