Guardian apologises for Straight Dope error

Just in case anyone missed it during the hiatus, The Guardian apologised for misrepresenting the Straight Dope -

I’m glad the Straight Dope has such a loyal following that make sure inaccuracies like that doesn’t get made without challenge.

Oh, good, I was just about to organize a lynch mob to run them danged liars outta town.

The Guardian (for those who don’t know) is a left-of-center (and some) UK newspaper that has an admirable but embarrassing policy of printing a correction for every misprint or screw-up it publishes. They are clueless about most things, (eg calling the Straight Dope an “organisation”) so they print an awful lot of corrections.


Sweet satisfaction.

But…they didn’t print my letter! :frowning:

Anybody got some cheese to go with my whine? :wink:

They would probably have spelled your name wrong anyway. This is the paper that once reviewed “Doris Godunov”.

BTW, the entire article has been removed from the Guardian website; since the retraction was at the BOTTOM of the article, there was concern that most people wouldn’t bother to read all the way down to the bottom and simply take the article as written.

your humble TubaDiva