Gubernatorial?? That sounds dumbass. Why not Governortorial?

Gubernatorial just sounds so stupid. Like “Goober”-something.

Why isn’t it Governotorial or Governtorial? Where did the “guber” thing instead of “gover” thing come from?

The Latin word for ‘governor’ is ‘gubernator’, which in some ways sounds strikingly similar.

It’s Latin.

So why don’t I have a Gubernator in my state?

Because you don’t live in California.

Governor is actually a somewhat Frenchified version of the Latin gubernator, which in turn came from Latin gubernare, to steer or to govern, which in turn comes from the Greek kybernan, to steer (as in a ship) or to govern.

Useless Factoid of the Day: Kybernan, going in another direction, is the root of the English word “cybernetic” (that is, having to do with control functions, whether in living organisms or in computers). So, Arnold Schwarzenegger first hit the big time in The Terminator playing a cyborg–a cybernetic organism, a blend of machine and living tissue–and later went on to become governor of California.

I’m sure there’s something deeply significant in there somewhere.

I remember a spelling bee when I was in middle school that had gubernatorial in it.

I spelled it “goobernutorial.”

I still think of Bob Taft, very fondly, as the goobernut.

I’m surprised no one has named a beer The Gubernator yet.

“That sounds dumbass.” The peculiar phrasing of the thread title sounds just as stupid as “Gubernatorial” if you ask me.

“Gubernatorial” sounds like a pregnant peanut.

I think we should just call Governor’s “goobers”.

“The next question goes to Goober Palin.”

Yep, I like it.

If you were going to shorten it, wouldn’t “governorial” be simplest?

Senator / Senatorial
Governor / Governorial

Archie Bunker once called it the “governor-orial”.

When Bob Taft was governor of Ohio, I heard someone say he put the “goober” in gubernatorial.

<rim shot>

Thank you, Rico will be in the thread all week.


HA!! That’s amazing! It might even explain why Arnie’s had such a successful life – he’s been a top-ranked bodybuilder, a famous movie star, and the governor of the world’s 5th largest economy. How the FUCK do you pull that off, in one lifetime? I can’t even be arsed to do my laundry half the time.

Here’s another mystery for you…why is this thread in the Pit? :confused: