Guess I'm Going Sky-Dving June 12th

One of the male nurses at my hospital is a sky-diver and he wants me to try it at least once, and he even gave me a gift-certicificate to hel with the expense.

It will be a tandem jump, and i know it will be the safest way to make my virgin jump, but I wanna know some “tricks” from some of y’all who have already made one.

Thanks for any help and advice!


Have a great time Quasimodem. It will be a fantastic experience and one that you will remember for a long time. I did a tandem jump about ten years ago in New Zealand. Some hints:

(1) It’s probably best not to eat too much beforehand. I remember feeling somewhat nervous/nauseous as the aeroplane was climbing to the jump height.

(2) The last couple of seconds before the jump can be pretty terrifying. The instructor is sitting on the edge of the doorway and you are hanging half in and half out of the aeroplane. Close your eyes for a couple of seconds if necessary.

(3) Be prepared for the shock and the jolt to the groin when the parachute opens.

(4) Remember to lift your legs when the instructor comes in to land.

Good luck!

For the first time at least, forget the macho bullshot, give yourself permission to be scared. With later jumps, you find all kinds of fascinating things to do. But for the first time enjoy the fear, sort of like a roller coaster (better if you don’t scream in the guy’s ear).

Besides, few things give one more self-pride than conquering fear. A great feeling.

I am scaird to death to get on a plane let alone jump out of one. So I also wish you all the luck and a safe jump. I think it’s awesome that people can do those types of things. I just wanted to know what a “tandem jump” is?

A tandem jump is where you are strapped to your instructor.

Exactly how are you strapped to the instructor and who actually has the parachute strapped to them? Or do you both have a parachute strapped on?

I am harnessed to the front of the instructor and he has the oversized chute that will carry us down. Hope he doesn’t take his Enzyte that morning. :stuck_out_tongue:


My friend the nurse thinks I will get “addicted” the diving, but I can’t see it happening what with all the equipment one must purchase. Even a used chute costs around 900 bucks.

My most expensive guitar (my bass) was only 350 bucks and I spent 600 dollars on my bicycle. I would really have to like jumping out of a plane to spend the kind of money some of those guys spend on their sport. Renting the equipment is akin to starting from square one with each jump, so that would not be financially prudent for me…

Like the marathon, this is something I have always wanted to do, so it will probably be just a one-time thing. We’ll see…



Not wanting to ask another dumb question I just took liberty to google the word Enzyte.

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Could you strap a camcorder to yourself and record it for us?

Actually, I will be paying another jumper 75 bucks to film me on the way down. At the same time, I will also be provided with a 24 roll of film for stills thatt I can add to my photo page. I can link y’all to it, if you’re interested.

One other thing I found out tonight is that the experienced jumpers leave the plane first, and the tandem jumpers jump last, so I will get to build up a little bit of bravado as I wait. :wink:

They ddin’t go for my offer of “half before the jump, and the other half when I’m back on terra firma”!


Enjoy it Quasi!

I’ve jumped several times, but never tandem, so I don’t know what that’s like. My first one was the result of a situation where all student jumps for the day had been completed, except for mine. So I wound up on a Twin Otter with 19 experienced jumpers going up to practice relative work.

They were Gung Ho, and I never felt any trepidition about shoving off. My instructor (who called the wind wrong and put me down in Mr. Bull’s private pasture) later told me I’d done a picture perfect jump.

My second time I went up in a small Cessna with three first time students and an instructor. The fear in the air was palpable. The woman before me froze and the instructor shoved her out. I had to make myself climb out on that strut and let go.

After that experience, I got a huge shot of adrenalin as I pulled into the airfield for my next jump. On the one hand I’ll say that passed, to some degree, as I made subsequent jumps. OTOH, isn’t that kinda sorta what you’re there for?

Have fun, my friend!

Since paying my deposit, I have already “made” the jump 20 times and I get that adrenaline surge already, so I guess it’s just a matter of “ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it”, right?

Some stuff I have already learned.

  1. Put the smile on before leaving the plane. Otherwise it’s gonna look like a grimace.
  2. No holding of any signs saying “I love you” or anything else, because them arms are gonna need to be in the proper position for free-fall
  3. No drinking a beer before the jump :eek:

Anything else y’all got for me?

The video will have “personalized” theme music. I have tentatively chosen The Ramone’s “Blitzkrieg Bop” (Ay! Oh! Let’s GO!) as mine, unless y’all can come up with something better.

And finally, I know this ain’t no big deal (more of a roller coaster ride than a suicide mission, I’m told), but to a guy who has been afraid of heights all his life (Hell, I can’t even stand being this tall!), it’s a very big deal. It’s only been 3 years since I’ve been able to ride my bicycle across what used to be a train trestle on The Silver Comet Trail here in Georgia, and once in Panama City Florida, I had to be walked back from one of those long piers that extend out over the ocean. That was a random act of kindness from a stranger I will not ever forget.

My cow-orkers at the hospital must be getting really tired of hearing me talk about the impending jump, but I think it’s a “psych” thing: The more I keep it on my mind and talk about it, the less likely I am to back out. (Especially now that I’be paid my deposit! )


Could you explain what you mean by this?

Sorry, Johnny. I was speaking figuratively.

I meant that I have thought or dreamt about making the jump that many times already.



Ah, I see. I thought it had something to do with the learning process. You know, jumping out of a grounded airplane or something. :smack:

:o Gosh, to think of the number of times I’ve fallen out of an airplane…

… but in every instance it was one parked on the ground. Oh, yeah, me big tough pilot, a real ace, top-gun, just didn’t notice that friggin’ seat belt wrapped around my ankle…

>whap!< Ow… me fall down… whyfor they make Cessna struts so hard…?

I think there’s also a picture of me somewhere around here butt-surfing backwards off the wing of a Piper…

They tell me it’s a lot more fun at altitude

Have fun. Be safe. After you’re done, you’ll look like this ==> :smiley:

Good luck, and have fun.

(Though personally, the only way you’d ever get me off a perfectly well-functioning airplane would be to knock me unconcious and toss me off. grin)

Be careful! Skydiving contains a lot of risks. I would advise not wearing a parachute on your first jump. There’s always a chance that it won’t open, and I think it’s too big a risk. Better to remove that risk by not wearing one.


My good friend Johnny L.A.!


I will take your advice, my friend (when have you ever steered me wrong?) and not wear a parachute on my maiden jump. I have always trusted your judgment and will this time as well!

You’re taking out how much of a life insurance policy on me, dude??? :smiley:

Kidding of course, but it’s nice to see you and I hope your life is just terrific!

I hope to be able to meet you one day. I know you ride motorcycles, so I have been peeing on all my summer clothes and checking out the prices on used Segways in hopes of being able to “fit in” with you and your crowd. (As it were!)

Love ya’, dood! :smiley:

Thanks for clocking in on my thread!