Guess my Age

Hey, my first MPSIMS thread, and it couldn’t really be better suited.

Take a guess at my age, just based on the following fact:

I have two married ex-SO’s, one of which has recently had her first child.

Go on, I dare ya…


well lets see…
I am gonna go ahead and guess 19…
check your profile… :wally


Married twice, with a kid, at 19?


Is the isle of man located in Kentucky?? or maybe West Virginia?

In Vietnam, it was nineteen… n-n-n-nineteen.

You must be thinking of the Isles of Langerhans. The Isle of Mann is one of the British Isles.

I don’t think green dragon has been married. From the way the OP is written, I thought that two of his (her?) ex-girlfriends are now married to other men, and one has a child from that marriage.

Well, now I am most disappointed.

When I read the title, I saw, “Guess my APE,” and we were all going to ask questions about a large simian.

rashen frashen…


Now can we guess his IQ?


Where cognition ends, posting begins. :slight_smile:

ok so my age is in my profile…but if you’re gonna look for other clues, then you’re not really entering into the spirit of things are you?:slight_smile:

And just to clarify: I have not been married, nor had children. (Engaged once, but that’s another story…)

One of my ex’s is married (possibly with kids, but I really don’t know) and another is married with a kid.

The Isle of Man is sandwiched between Ireland and England, and has it’s own government, language and currency.

Cheers, DC

Oh, and sugaree, read my sig…people keep on referring to me as him/her despite all my efforts! :smack: