Guess my Hotmail password

Or rather, since I just know at least one moderator injured his hand while frantically clicking on this thread, guess my old Hotmail password.

The secret question:

What is the first planet?

My girlfriend was all honked off because she couldn’t get it. I, on the other hand, was terribly pleased because I’d always sucked on these problem solving things in school.

Winner gets an hour of delight with Anal Scurvy.

Mods don’t care if you are dumb enough to post your own password.

Well count me in! Nothing like good ol’ anal scurvy to make a guy’s weekend complete! :smiley:


P.S.: Uranus?

Is it a “problem-solving thing” or just a matter of knowing astronomy? Oh well, here are some guesses:

“Earth” (first in alphabetical or biblical order)
“Pluto” (first if you are coming from outside our solar system)

Uh, how many guesses do I get? I’m really stabbing in the dark here.


Well since the planets were originally wandering stars that would make only 5 possible answers, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.
Mercury is the closest to the sun but
Venus is the brightest but
Jupiter is the 1st among the gods but
Saturn is older then Jupiter and so first in another way.

Or maybe you used the first letters of each planet and so your code is

Or if you go by days of the week in America Saturn would be first again.

Unless you went by another country whose week begins with Monday in which case Mars’ day would come first.

Or maybe your the kind of man who’d put the poison in his own cup knowing only a great fool would reach for what he is given.

Could be the Sun, if you are going by the medieval definition of “planet” but using Copernican cosmology.

Dude, nothing personal, but I have no desire to have any delight with anal scurvy. I delight, in fact, in NOT having anal scurvy:p


Sorry, you’re all wrong. It’s really not that complicated as to actually need to possess a knowledge of astronomy.

I can’t believe my offer of Anal Scurvy delight is being rebuffed. Such a thing! That ripping thing! Not good!

And I think this is the first post by Handy that I’ve ever laughed out loud at. I guess, statistically, it had to happen.

You’ll all kick yourself when you hear the answer.


So the secret code is One-Two-Three-Four-Five.


I’m going to guess Earth is the answer, since it’s the first planet we can see. (My friends and I were outside the other night trying to spot the five visible planets. In my infinite wisdom, I said “We can see SIX, stupid! Look DOWN!”)

a webpage?

Planet…greek for “wanderer”…


Planet of the Apes?

Maybe this is a synonym game of some sort?
“New World”
“Brave New World”
“World Premier”

I’m not terribly satisfied with these answers, but it’s another direction to consider…

(Planet) Hollywood?

Or, if World premier ain’t it, howsabout
Golden Globe?

First-place = Golden
Planet = Globe

Maybe? At least are we on the right track?

Y’know what? I just ran a google search on “What is the first planet.” It kept giving me a riddle, "What is the first planet to be discovered?"

Earth, natch. I stand by my answer.