Guess the illness

Hi all. I’m sick. I’m going to head over to Student Health later to see what they say (“strep throat or sinus infection, have some codine” is my guess…mainly because that’s what they say to everyone.)

Symptoms are as follows: general unhappy/unenergy, minor sore throat (may be due more to very dry room last night than any illness) and semi severe internal pain. (left side, under ribs, inflammation?)

In kid speak, I hurt and i wanna go home.

Anyway, your hypotheses are welcome, if only to offer to Student Health before they give me codine. (Yea, I should probably see a doctor…maybe…eventually)

With abdominal pain, honey, anything goes. Hope its just an upset tummy. Pain in the abdominal area can be referred (i.e. felt in a place it shouldn’t) so it’s hard to say.

Hope you feel better. Follow Dr’s order, get lots of sleep, and have some chicken soup. A good steamy shower might help that sore throat if its dry.

::pours a nice hot cup of soup for Medea’s::

{{{Medea’s Child}}}

I’m sorry to hear that, hon. Don’t worry about e-mailing me–get some rest instead.

As for what you can tell Student Health? Say you think it’s variant CJD and proceed to rant about how the medical establishment has thus far all but ignored the horrible prion threat. Either that or Ebola. :wink:

She’s coming around folks! She’s going to be okay and ready to play Symptom Six of “Beat the Reaper!”

Plague? Yaws?

Well, I’m not a doctor or even a particularly talented hypochondriac, but the left-side ache and lack of energy could indicate mono.

…I’m turning yellow…my God, I’ve got jaundice!

[sub]dropzone, ya beat me to it, durn ya. ;)[/sub]

[high-school mode]
Oooooh! The kissing disease!
point snicker
[/high-school mode]

Wait a second, you’re supposed come visit me this weekend…

Please get better? Pretty please?

Zey arrr alll wronk!
Itt iss obfiously someting der mater mit your schlossengfgrubenhohenhausennonnenslupt!

:peers at mc over the top of the rented specs, being all hot and says in a greasy, obsequious voice:
eeyou vill feel bet-ter nowww, ja?

(spits and stalks out /////)

geez, nobody else is saying it…
“Hey, Dropzone! What’s yaws?”

mutter grumble buncha amateurs…

Thanks guys, the smiles help.

Hope you feel better soon, Medea’s Child.

And I had no idea that Jaundice was the kissing disease, mrblue92. :wink:


CJD?-what’s that?

Feel better soon, hon!


Ve vill haff no more tok off her yaws.
Zey arre choost fine, aszyoo can see.

Nor plague insterlieben.
Look at her teeth.
Fine, no?


::makes Medea some of my jewish grandmother’s homemade chicken soup, with oyster crackers::

Honey, I send you warm fuzzies, love, and anti-bodies.

I hope you get better really fast so we can play the lovely sport of inor smooching again soon…

[sub]P.S. I got your email, I just didn’t know what to say… I’m better now, just a little sad sometimes…Thank you sooooooo much…[/sub]

If you kiss enough ass and get hepatitis, it just might be…

CJD is an extremely rare brain disorder. Variant CJD is the human version of “Mad Cow Disease” (AKA Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy).

Her teeth are fine? Hell, she’s fine. :wink:

My very first thought when I read your symptoms (well, no, actually I had to think first):

Lung infection. Possibly you’ve been around something that dried up your throat and lungs, making the mucus membranes less capable of cleaning your lungs out, and con resultat you’ve got yerself an infection. Or some dry lungs/throat.

you both got one coming- I’m working on it. And I’m even thinking about limiting the damn profanity…I might hurt myself doing that though, so it’s iffy at the moment…


(relic- i been leaving you alone- time for funs and time for sads…been thinking about you though…medea? i spit tenderly in your direction…)

A nonvenereal relative of syphilis.

dropzone…the answer to “What’s yaws?” is actually “I’ll have a hard cider, thanks.” or some varient thereof.
Thanks for all the support and love guys, I’m doing better today, really tired, but better. relic, sweetie, like I said, feel free to get in touch if you want.

Ahh back to bed… Oh and I just want to give a public thank you to Le Sang for letting me be sick in his room and microwave stuff and just in general taking care of me.

Steve, I tried to e-mail you and it did an instant fail…any idea why?

The T1’s have been kind of flaky today, so I’m guessing that’s the problem. Can you try to resend it?

Glad to hear you’re doing better; hope you didn’t get Joel sick…