Guess the mystery event

Yesterday afternoon, HR sent round a company-wide email that got everyone talking. I don’t have it here to reproduce in full, but basically they told us to mark down Friday, Sept. 9 from 1-8 pm on our calendars for a fun surprise. Invitations with details will be sent out on Tuesday.

Naturally, this got everyone wondering what on earth they could be planning, particularly given the length (7 hours) and somewhat odd time (starting half-way through the work day and running well into the evening). I figured that since Dopers are such an imaginative bunch, it could be fun to see what people think is going on. So far, my serious guess is paintball, and my non-serious guess (in response to a co-worker suggesting we were all being fired) was that it’s seven hours on a Friday, maybe they’ll get us drunk then fire us all.

Full House Marathon for losing the Johnson account.

Naw, they’re going to make you clean all the places in you office that the janitors don’t like your key board and phone, inside your desk drawers and so forth. Have fun! :smiley:

If not paintball, maybe Whirlyball they’re in a lot of cities

Pizza party? Company picnic? Last place I worked took the department to a corn maze (I didn’t get to go because I was a lowly temp…me bitter? Nah!).

Worst case scenario: Motivational speaker.

This is my vote.

For seven hours? That’s a lot of motivation!

I say alien invasion or boatload of strippers, either one. :smiley:

On the other hand, it may have finally dawned on them that morale is getting a touch low since they laid off half the company at the end of April, and given the overall level of competence upper management exhibits, someone may have thought that was a good way to boost spirits. At least if it is a motivational speaker I’ve got most of the week to plan my escape.

Whirlyball sounds like fun, but there doesn’t seem to be any in Victoria, and 7 hours isn’t quite enough to do that plus a round trip to Seattle.

Raffling for a trip to “The Island”. Good luck!

Well, Human Resources Departments are generally as fun as hemmaroids…so my guess is cheap-ass pizza and locked in a room doing lame-ass role plays because someone is suing them for some kind of sexual/racial/gender/age harassment. They need to have this seminar to cover their ass when it goes to court.

Brainstorming session to develop an new mission statement

May we ask what sort of company you work for?

Dude, you’re going to Chucky Cheese’s!

A marathon quilting bee to finish a gift for the company president’s grandma!

(I could use some help finishing a quilt myself…)

I’ll say some type of company retreat.

Bring your own Kool Aid.

Invitation to hear a motivational speaker followed by singing Kumbayah and mystery meat dinner…

Drunken twister marathon?

Carving little wooden statues of the upper management, followed by appropriate worship ceremonies?

My advice is to try to avoid any event where they invite you to join them in the building’s basement. That didn’t work out too well for the Romanovs when they got their mystery event invite.

Same day it’s “Bestiality Friday” at the local petting zoo. Coincidence???

Physical challenge for immunity and Tribal council to vote someone out of the workplace.

This process repeats itself every two days until management is satisfied they’ve “laid off” enough employees.

Seriously…I haven’t a clue any better than what’s already been seriously suggested.

That’s kind of stupid, even for HR. How do you know if you want to attend if you don’t know what it is? And if it’s “mandatory attendance,” I would make a point of getting sick on Friday. But that’s just me.

Oh, my guess for what it is? 1-7 on a Friday? I really have no idea, and that would scare me, if I worked there. Maybe it’s ice cream bars.