Guess what? I'm in a relationship!

I love her ever so much and she’s the best thing in my life and she’s so nice and warm and soft and fuzzy and I’m crazy about her!

The sky is blue and I’M IN A RELATIONSHIP!

Her name is schnoogie-bear! I love her so much! But I won’t tell you her name! And I’m ever so happy and did I mention that I’M IN A RELATIONSHIP!

Schnoogie-bear, I love you! You’re the best thing in my life and I’m never going to miss an opportunity to tell you so!

I agree that the Red Sox had a weak season and I love schnoogie-bear!

Actually, you’ll find that linguists often use a technique to pinpoint geographic centers of dialects that uses concentric circles to show relative prominance within a dialect as well as where they intersect with other dialectical features. An example of this is where the non-rhotic dialect characterized in Boston-area speech which is wear my truest love schnoogie-bear lives and oh I love her to bitty bitty bits hits the nasalized “a” sound which my schnoogie-bear does not have so much.

We get it.

[sub]I’m schnoogie-bear’s little hibernation[/sub]

WOW! What do you know I found the same love!

I’m uncertain of my role as audience. Do I smile benignly and move on or am I supposed to beg brokenly until you tell me who your inamorata is? Should somebody ask every single time you insert a reference to your secret love or should we ration ourselves?


and this is a pit thread how? not even one fuck…okay I feel shorted reading this. :slight_smile: <just kidding>
congrats, hope it works out well for you.

I’m very happy for you (:)). What are you talking about (:confused:)?

See, I’m so confused I can’t even do smilies right. That word “confused” should be a :confused:.

And I wonder if I woosh you if I am the one being wooshed.

[sub]schnoogie-bear, I want to kiss you and hold you and squeeze you and love you to itty-bitty bits! [/sub]

I got it! You are talking about that bundle of love and TMI Hardygrrl! THANK YOU! Yes! I get it! I see the light! She IS in a relationship and does insist on telling it **ALL [b/] the time! OK , now who needs me to explain this more? Hardygrrl, we’re all thrilled you have Stinky Paws and can’t tell us who he is but let’s face it… BORING!

BTW…schnoogie-bear…call me!

Fucking bold! To hell with bold! FUCK IT FUCK IT FUCK IT!

/small voice

I got it

/small voice

I’m still wondering WTF kind of response is needed. Pay attention, pay no attention? What will put an end to it?

Did I mention I’m married? And monogamous? Should I be weaving that into every response?

Do I get points for detecting the sarcasm in the OP?

Of course you do, woogie bun.

[sub]schnoogie-bear, I still love you. Even five minutes after last saying so.[/sub]

Doob’s gay?


[list][list][list][list][list][list]Isn’t it time for bed?[list]…:o[sub]yawn[/sub]

I AM?!

OH MY GOD…now i know why i like men so much.

so doob’s gay and likes guys. wow

What kind of parents name their kid “Schnoogie-Bear”?

But do you fuck other people while you can’t be with schnoogie-bear? Do you use a condom? Have you ever met schnoogie-bear-woogums face-to-face?

Enquiring minds want to know.

I’d like to see andygirl wear a condom. The fun part would be watching her try to figure out where she’s meant to put it.

Maybe as a hair ribbon to tame those wild and crazy curls?

Silly Guanolad, she uses them as balloons and lets them float around the bedroom.

“Lookee! Condom balloon!”