Guess what we're doing for our anniversary!

No, not that…although I suppose that will naturally occur at the conclusion of the evening. :wink:


Doesn’t that look like fun? Something different than the normal restaurant dinner. Reservations next month, as Ivylad and I celebrate 19 years! :eek: :smiley:

What a great idea! We love trains, especially my son (or at least he really used to, when he was a wee tyke). We used to take the train one stop, from Lansdale to Ambler, get off and eat at McDonald’s, then go back, just to ride the train. And it wasn’t even a cool train, like yours.

Hope it’s as fun as it looks. I would pretend I was on the Orient Express whilst eating if I were you, contradictory scenery be damned–but I am a warped individual.

We used to have a similar dinner train here. We did take it one time. They served a lovely, if pricey dinner, and took us to a winery north of Seattle. We took the winery tour too.

We sat in the dome car, so that was pretty cool. They also had a murder-mystery dinner going at the same. We didn’t partake, but it looked like the folks that were doing it had a lot of fun.

Congratulations to the both of you!

We want to do this next, probably take a bit out of the tax refund (the bulk of it will go to pay off credit card debt, but I think a little treat is not out of line.)

Tonight’s the night!

I must admit, I’m feeling a bit giddy about all this. Ivylad and I have been very sparse with our money lately, paying off bills and socking away savings, he hasn’t been feeling well, and this is our first “date” in months.

We need to leave at 4pm to get there, so I told Ivylad I would start getting ready at 2pm. I feel like a high schooler, getting ready for a date.

He wants to see if he can upgrade to “dome” seating. And despite all the brouhaha lately about dressing for the occasion, we plan to dress up. Mainly because we normally wear jeans, so dressing up will make this seem more special.

Well, how’d it go? It looks nifty. There aren’t enough trains around for my taste.


My husband and I had lunch on the Napa Wine Train (the dome car) for our first anniversary. It was really very nice.
I love trains. The views were stunning. Food was quite good too.

Have a great time!

Tonight. Ivylad upgraded us to “dome seating.” :smiley:

Excellent. I think he’d also like some dome tonight as well.

Soooooooooo how’d it go?

Well, on the way there, we couldn’t find it. The directions sucked.

By the way, we love Yvette. Yvette was the lady at the depot who was still there after closing time, who gave Ivylad the directions over the cell phone while I’m freaking out in tears. She said she’d hold the train for us.

We got there about ten minutes late, but I still ran into the depot to find Yvette and give her a hug. Then we got to our table. I was shaking, and Ivylad immediately ordered me a glass of wine.

The crab cakes appetizers were waiting for us, a bit cold, but hey, we were late, so I wasn’t going to complain. They were still good. We chatted with a couple at the table next to us who were celebrating 25 years of marriage. Quite an interesting couple…three months before their wedding, she was hit by a drunk driver. Wedding had to be rescheduled since she spent eight months in the hospital, and has had 34 surgeries in the past 25 years of marriage. She told Ivylad (who, as you may know, also has some health issues) not to give up hope. They told her during her first surgery her hip would always be frozen, but with the medical advances, she now has a new hip and gets around with a cane.

The dome car was built in 1948 and was part of the California Zephyr. They bought it sight unseen for $65,000 and when they went to Houston to see it, it had been sitting out in the sun for five years…with no windows.

They moved it to New Orleans, where it was completely redone, and then they were getting ready to ship it to Orlando(ish)…when Katrina hit.

They finally got to the car a few weeks later, and it was fine. Clean it up, wipe it off…then Rita hit.

Again, car was fine, clean it up, wipe it off…then vandals broke out six of the windows.

So, the steward said the car had nine lives.

Don’t get the steaks…they were fatty, a bit overdone, and not very good. But the dessert of tequila sunrise cheesecake was lovely, and after dessert they turned the lights out in the car so we could enjoy the scenery click-clacking by. We also got to tour the Pullman berths (bed and breakfast tours are available) as well as hang out the caboose and, as the steward said, “pretend to be a politician.” :slight_smile:

It’s a good thing the aisles are so narrow…it’s hard to keep your balance, especially in heels. At the halfway point they unhooked the engine and rehooked it to the other end so they could pull us back.

All in all it was a lovely time, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We’re talking about taking Ivylad’s mother along for on the lunch train.

So, if you get a chance, look around your neighborhood and see if there are similar dinner trains in your area. You won’t regret it.

Sounds good. I was going to ask about the steaks after seeing this on the site’

If you ever come out to the San Francisco Bat Area you might want to do this. Everyone says it’s great.
BTW; How was desert? :wink:

I prefer my steaks medium, but although the car was lit, it was dimly lit, and I had a hard time telling which was fat and which was meat. I tilted the electric candle over my meat and gave up when I discovered a fairly large section of fat halfway through the steak. I also think it was more medium well than medium.

The cheese on top of it was good, the mashed sweet potatoes were tasty, and the veggies were crisp tender.

Dessert? Oh, you don’t mean the cheesecake. :stuck_out_tongue: Well, um…Ivylad had pushed himself that day running errands, and he fell asleep in the car on the way home. He actually slept a full 12 hours, which is practically unheard of for him (normally he’s lucky to get 3-4 hours of sleep at a time.)

So, a raincheck is in order.

Oh well. Rainchecks are always fun to cash in as well. Good to hear you had a nice time.

That sounds like fun.

And congratulations on the 19 years!

Especially well rested rainchecks. One of the rewards of a long relationship.