Guess who I met this weekend?

Cat man.

Impressive in person. Not as wacky as you’d think. Willing to answer questions. Nice guy.

And still a bloody freak.

Still, he’s happy and harms no one, so so mote it be.


Do NOT tell me that Carrot Top is actually human!

He’s a mutant from outer space! eww eww eww

I me the lizzard man once. He’s a fairly interesting guy. Not insane, just tattooed.

Boy. Some people have the weirdest reactions to male pattern baldness.

He and Joceyln Wildenstein would make such a cute couple!

And I was going to guess Larry Lalonde…

I was going to guess Tiger Woods.

Well, he’s some kind of tiger, but not the Tiger I want. :wink:


You beat me to the punch :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy freakin’ moley.

He’s got that James Hetfield thing going on.

It would be a lot cooler if either of them actually ended up looking feline.

He looks… uh… well ok he looks rather stupid*. She looks like a burn victim.

Looking like a cat could be cool… neither of these people has acheived anything close to that, however.
*JMO and I realize he is happy with the way he looks, and more power to him.

Ah… Priceless.

But I’d love to see him at the age of 80… Or what is that in cat years?

well, that pic will give me nightmares for months. yeesh!

Heh, and you didn’t meet him in person - I did. It was the metal studs in his upper lip that squicked me the most, really. I suppose that’s where he sticks in the whiskers. And how he keeps those nails so long is beyond me.


And how can he eat, with those teeth?

No clue. It’s sometimes hard to understand him talk as well.



I DO NOT want to see his litter box!

Catman was on a tv programme shown over here - about people who had altered body images, and the lengths that they went to to obtain their “ideal.” If I recall correctly, his childhood was not a pleasant experience. Perhaps there is a link to that? Who knows.

For most of those that were featured, I just ended up feeling quite sad for them.