Guest books for web pages

My husband wants to put a guest book on his web page.

There seem to be many places that offer this service free. If you have a guest book, what service do you use? What are the pros and cons of that service?

Has anyone actually written a guest book? Is it worth the trouble, or should we just go with a feebie? I have modest programming experience. I’m conversant with FORTRAN (stop giggling, please) and it’s possible that I could perl my way out of a well-soaked paper sack. Is this a monumental undertaking? (And please stop giggling about FORTRAN.) Any instructional books or websites you could recommend would be appreciated.

Lycos has a pretty good one: (

I’ve also programmed my own. It’s pretty simple in Perl.

Many servers won’t allow you to execute custom scripts so check that before putting too much work into it.

Check out the CGI Resource Index for the best guestbook scrips. The url is

Hope it helps.

Thanks, Dragwyr, I found a tutorial that looks helpful at that site. Thanks also, Baraqiyal; if I get frustrated with the Perl, I’ll try Lycos.

My guestbook is from . The only thing I’m not extremely fond of is that recently I’ve had to go to the site in order for new entries to appear. But other than that, it’s a fantastic service.

For being free and customizable (I think I just made that up), it’s definitly worth checking out.

Heck, if you are using a web hosting company they may already have one for you to use. Probably just need to add one or two lines of code.

I use matts Guestbook script from (they have other languages there too)…

One important thing, make sure it emails you new entries, that way you can delete those nasty ones.