Guest comming from sweden

And death metal. Don’t forget the death metal!

That too, but minus the murders & church burnings. (That’s Norway.)

yeah, but Death was an American band. Black is more appropriate.

Jeez. Is your guest house free at this time next year? I’ll even pay to visit it!

Let me know a month or so ahead of time.

Swedes generally have nothing against Finns. If anything it’s the opposite (and Finns take a delight in claiming that all Swedes are homosexuals).

Can I see some photos of this guest house? I too would like to consider staying in this lodging…

j/k about the second part, but I’d love to see what the man cave looks like.

Nah, I think he meant blood sucking disease vectors.

Well, he loved his accomadations. He was able to go outside and make bows and arrows while he visited. He listens to folk music, speaks English better than I do. ( working on his 3rd doctorate). Loves mexican food and subway. We had a great time.

I have known him from the internet for over 10 years but pictured him much bigger for some reason, he is my height at 5" 7".

Wait, your friend is visiting from Sweden and you took him to Subway to eat? That’s just sad.

 He didn't come specificaly to see me, he came for a conference. We had one home cooked mexican dinner and two home cooked breakfasts and we were out and about a good share of the time.

Sorry. I was just kidding. I just figure that there must be much better, local food for your friend to try.

Subway is local food in Sweden. :wink:

All Swedes are enthusiastic nudists. If you want him to feel at home, walk around the house naked.