Guest comming from sweden

I have a short notice guest comming from Sweden. He is an internet friend from one of my web sites. I have a guest house available for him to stay in but it is more of a man cave than a guest house anymore. He will have access to computer, phones, nice bed, shower, fridge and kitchen but the place is somewhat cluttered ( not horrible) with the hobby we both have in common. I don’t want to insult him or embarass myself. I just don’t know much about Swedish culture. Place will be clean, smell good, but simple and a little cluttered. Any thoughts on this?

A clean, usable space is the very essence of hospitality. From what my European guests have shared with me, I’d say that Americans tend to overestimate what elements are necessary to welcome a guest. My own Swedish half-siblings were somewhat taken aback by the sheer volume of things I thought were essential to their comfort, but they weren’t offended by it. A little clutter, especially when it relates to a mutual hobby, is not likely to bother your friend, and having a guest house to himself is likely to be his version of heaven.

A quick internet search says meatballs, Ikea and porn. Should be no problem at all.

If you’re worried about it, can you declutter the guest house for the duration of his visit?

Now I’m not Swedish (though I am European), but if it were me coming to visit you I’d find the setup you describe most agreeable. A computer plus my own kitchen and shower? Sounds great. And your guest might be interested to see your hobby related stuff if he shares your interests.

That makes me feel a little more confident. Clutter is just in corners so floor space is clear. No place to move the clutter to unless I rented a storage unit.

   I don't think he will need any porn, I have a feeling women are like mosquitos around him. Good looking guy but very humble and great personality. 

 Thanks for the responses, I will just tidy up a bit and stock the fridge with some basics, plenty of restauraunts around close by. Not so worried now!

Perhaps pick up a bag of Swedish Fish.

Coming from Sweden to LA? He’ll be at the beach the whole time, so don’t worry!!

Why don’t you ask him if he’d like you to pick a few things to stock the fridge with. Breakfasts in Scandinavia are quite different from American style breakfasts. He may want some cold cuts and cheese and stuff like that. But then, if he’s a really good guest, he wouldn’t dream of asking you to go through the trouble…

Most people tend to really underestimate what they consider “a little clutter”. When you live with it every day it becomes normal. If you are really concerned, you should ask someone who doesn’t live in the house.

An aggravating nuisance? :wink:

True enough, though I think the guest will be OK as long as he can navigate the space without falling over piles of knitting yarn/electronic components/fishing rods/OO gauge trainsets/muzzle loading firearms or whatever the hobby involves.

I have one wall with a lot of projects leaned up against it, mostly all bows and arrows, other than that everything is clean. Place is small 20x20. I have an Alpine village near by with a lot of the foods he might like at their market. Maybe I can take him by there.

Whenever I have people in my guest room, I take as much stuff out of the guest room as possible and store it in my own room. I figure I’d rather be inconvenienced for a bit instead of my guest.

It is a guest house, I live about 1 mile away. I got everything confined to an area about 2’X3" so doesn’t appear cluttered anymore. I think I have it looking pretty good now.

My whole flat is less than twice the area of your “small” space.

Alternatively, since he’s visiting a foreign country, he might want to load up on local foods. Think American; maybe a little Mexican. A Southern California supermarket, let alone farmer’s market, will have tropical fruit most Europeans have never even heard of.

Really? Like what?

Is he the guy one that other site asking what he can bring from Sweden to his American friend?

I suggested two members of the Bikini Swedish Team. Have fun :smiley:

That’s not very hard - my own (Finnish) supermarket has tropical fruit I’ve never heard of. I don’t think they have any durian, though.

Don’t forget lingonberries. Also, don’t be afraid to say hateful things about the Danish (something like “my Swedish is so bad, it’s Danish”), but especially the Fins (Fins do not speak a Scandinavian language, the speak a finno-ugric language, so the prior joke won’t work). Spit every time someone mentions the fins. If the topic of the nobels should come up, remember to remark that the peace prize is the most worthless, as that’s the one awarded in Norway. Also, gather any rotten fish you have lying into a bucket and present it to him. Rotten fish of all kinds are a delicacy to them. Swedish fish are called pastellfiskar. Pastellfiskar meet the Swedish demand for both being disgusting and shaped like fish and thus will be an acceptable candy. Rather than be offended by the viking stereotype, they love that shit since they think deep down inside they’re still vikings. However, it is NOT customary to wear horned helmets unless you are drunk. Do not say bork, EVER. Seriously at that last one. It’s not a cultural thing there and it’s all anyone says. It’s not silly or ironic to them, it just gets annoying after a little while.

And I have never met a Swedish male in their 20s and 30s who DIDN’T like black metal.