Guest MMP II: A story, moral optional

This is the story of Bunny and Henry. Bunny moved to a new town when she was in 7th grade, and she was seated next to Henry in homeroom. Henry was a quiet, awkward boy, but he took it upon himself to help Bunny settle in and learn the routine. She was grateful for his kindness and she soon felt at home in her new school.

Over the next few years, Bunny and Henry would see each other in the halls or in the cafeteria at school. They’d say “Hi” to each other, but for the most part, their paths diverged. Into high school, Bunny shone. She was Junior Class President, star of the Senior Revue, and she was accepted at the best university in the state.

Henry went to a junior college after graduation so that he could stay at home and save some money. Those two years saw him change from a geeky boy to a self-assured, good looking man. He even decided he wanted to be called by his middle name, so Henry became Paul, in honor of his new self. He was so successful academically, that he was awarded a full scholarship at the same school where Bunny was studying.

Halfway through his first semester at the university, Paul (Henry) came into the Student Center and saw a familiar face. He went to talk to the stunning girl. “Hi. You’re Bunny, aren’t you?”

She smiled. “And how did you know my name? Are we in a class together?”

He wasn’t too surprised that she didn’t recognize him, so he decided to have some fun. “Yeah, a while ago. I’m Paul.”

Bunny studied his face. “It must have been one of those huge lecture halls. I’m afraid I can’t place your face. But it’s nice to meet you.”

They chatted for a while until Paul (Henry) had to go to class. Over the next few months, they started dating, and Paul (Henry) was happier than he’d ever been. As months turned to semesters and then to graduation, Paul (Henry) knew that Bunny was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. So he planned the perfect evening to ask her to marry him.

They took a picnic to a romantic clearing near the lake. They laughed and talked and shared a wonderful meal. When he felt the time was right, Paul (Henry) took Bunny’s hand and looked in her eyes.

“Bunny, my love, I can’t imagine life without you. Please marry me!”

Bunny trembled, and tears filled her eyes. “Oh, Paul, you are a wonderful man, and you’ve made my life so happy. But I’m afraid I can’t marry you. You see, many, many years ago, there was a young boy who was so kind to me. He made me feel welcome when I was an outsider. Even though I haven’t seen him in years, I never forgot him. I am so sorry, but I have to go back home and find out what happened to my dearest Henry.”

Paul (Henry) couldn’t believe what he heard. “But Bunny – how can you not recognize me? I’m using my middle name now, but I’m Henry. I sat next to you in 7th grade homeroom. And I’ve loved you from the first time I saw you.”

“Oh, Henry, is it truly you?? Then, yes, yes, of course I’ll marry you.”

And they kissed, and turned into frogs.

And the moral of the story is… well… nah. I don’t do morals.

Oooooh, oooooooh…am I first?

Your story made me laugh, FCM. Thanks for a good start to my morning. (Well, OK I’ve been up for a while and don’t even have to leave for work yet, but you know what I mean, right?)


So the bunnies never had wild bunny sex?
Cause I don’t want to think about frog sex.

The story does have a happy ending if ya think about it. See, since they were near a lake when they turned to frogs, they were somewhere where’d there would be bugs and water, which, as we all know, are key to a life of frog happiness. Of course those are things that attract little boys, so maybe a little boy caught em, put em in a mason jar and took em home. They either lived happy lives in an aquarium or were tortured to death, depending on the little boy in question. Or, if the lake happened to be in say, France, their legs might wind up on the menu at a local restaurant. Or a big ol’ gator could have eaten 'em. Or whoever it is that supplies frogs to be dissected in Biology classes the world over might have caught 'em. Seems to me that when you’re a frog a lot more bad than good things are likely to happen to you. Though a frog named Bunny is kinda funny.

Speaking of critters (notice how I just oh so naturally segueway here), I noticed yesterday afternoon that the lizards on my back porch are looking well fed. I wonder if they’re storing up for winter. I have fat lizards.

We made a little over $1400 Saturday at the church yard sale. Not bad for gettin’ rid of a bunch of junk nobody wanted. Half of it goes to local outreach projects and half is going to our sister St. Patrick’s church (my church is named, surprise, St. Patrick’s!) in Longbeach, MS which was pretty much trashed by Katrina. That was my good deed for the weekend. Oh, and I came home Saturday afternoon and did a bunch of yard work. Stoopid grass! It’s October! Go away grass! It won’t though. I’ll still be mowing all month long. I’m not watering it anymore though. It’ll have to figure out what to do if it gets thirsty is all I gotta say. Stoopid grass! Oh, and it should never be 75 degrees at five a.m. on October 1st. Stoopid summer temps when it’s fall!

Nice job on the MMP FCM! Pretty imaginative for an old broad. :smiley:

-swampbear (surrounded by stoopidness)

And this is just why I hold you in such high esteem… :stuck_out_tongue:

For the record, this didn’t take place in France, so the frogs’ legs are safe.

Unless there are French immigrants jonesin’ for some home cookin’.

If there are any largemouth bass in the pond, they’re still screwed.

Good job, FCMom

There is a moral to your story, FCM. The moral is that no relationship from high school will survive once you get out of college.

Happy Monday, y’all. We found out last night that the daughter of a friend of ours is relocating to this area because everything she had was destroyed in a tornado that was part of the whole Katrina weekend. So instead of hanging on to a bunch of the stuff we’ve got extra from combining three households, we’re going to let them have out extra stuff: plates, some furniture, silverware, maybe some clothes (if they’re the right sizes), linens. Maybe the’ll want a few of the extra hammers I’ve got now?

Good Job, FCM! We’ll just have to hope they had short, skinny legs, since some of us like frog’s legs here too.
I slept most of the weekend. I woke up Saturday with a sore throat and an ear ache, so I went back to bed. Well, it was cold out in the waking world too, so the 'lectric blanket was awfully nice… I’m up this morning… I’ll rise, but I refuse to shine just yet.

Well, maybe they turned into a pair of those reeeeeaaaallllyyyy poisonous South American Frogs what nothing will eat what doesn’t have a death wish, right? That would be way Jake. (Good job, fcm!!! I’m gonna be tryin to think of a moral for the story all day.)

And speakin about South America, (like my segue?) I went shopping Saturday and bought two pairs of the dreaded gauchos. Yeah, I’m a fashion fad ho. What can I say? I like them. I put together two cute little trendy outfits and spent less than a hunnert bucks. So there! :stuck_out_tongue:

swampy, don’t lizards store their fat in theys tails? Maybe you gots a bunch of preggers lizards what are getting ready to lay eggs. We got lots of lil teensy baby lizards runnin round down here right now.


Morning everyone! Yes, on a misty Monday when I should be just arriving at work, I’ve already been to the doctor and the pharmacy and am now home on my couch. The Autumn Edition of Drae’s Discontent (better known as chronic bronchitis) has chosen the wrong week to rear its ugly, phlegmy head. So rather than bounce semi-happily through three days of work and then have a nice four day weekend for Hell’s Wedding, I will instead stay home today and sniffle and cough and wheeze and sleep, and work a half-day on Thursday. (See, I’ve already got a nail appointment for Thursday afternoon, so I can’t very well work all day.)

And with that, I’m off back to my warm, comfy bed with purry foot-warmers and a cup of my special Sick Tea (which tastes like death itself, but is good for the breathing stuff), where I will put on a movie and fall asleep before the opening credits are done. I made the mistake of taking Dayquil instead of Nyquil, but I don’t think that’ll stop me. :slight_smile:

Feel better soon Drae! South American cowboys are a fashion trend? Who knew! Does Mr. Anachi mind that you are accessorizing yourself with Latin cowboys?

Pregnant lizards? Could be. I’d like me some more lizards. I’ve seen a baby lizard or two runnin’ around lately and since it still appears to be summer here, maybe I’ll have more. All I know is I got some biiiiiig lookin’ lizards.

Morning, kids, The fog was so deep this morning in my complex, it was really cool. Like pea soup!

We made a delicious meatloaf last night…I luuurve meatloaf. Also I cleaned the kitchen, and it’s so sparkling clean you could eat off the floor. So is the living room, as a matter of fact!
I had a delicious omelete with the peppers from my garden…there’s still lots more! Yum!

Did you eat if off your kitchen floor? Living room floor? Did you use a fork?

I want some meatloaf. Guess I’m gonna have to make one soon.

Mornin’ ever’body. I’m here and I did actually manage to get to the gym and all that this morning, but I’m not totally awake yet. But I’ve only got a couple hours of work and then lunch and then a class on Adobe InDesign for the afternoon. I’m not a graphics person, but I have to do some sometimes and our company’s switching from Quark to InDesign and they think I should know what I’m doing. Not sure why since no one else knows what they’re doing, but hey, it gets me out of the office for 4 ours so it can’t be all bad, right??

I really really think there was something I was going to say this morning. But I can’t remember what it was. I’m too young to be this forgetful!

No silly! Pants!

Been there, drae. Bronchitis is no fun. Feel better soon.

Meatloaf really does sound good but it’ll throw Mr. Anachi for a loop if he doesn’t get pokechops tonite.

We went to my BIL’s shop to look at something for the wall over the cooktop. We found a dramatic bronze tile of a fruitbowl that would look really cool with some other stone work around it. We are currently mulling it over.

No fork, we just ate it up with our tongues!
Ok, I can post our “recipe” for meatloaf. (it’s very easy). All those who use ketchup! Ptooey!

1.5 lbs of meatloaf ground. Buy at the meat section of your grocery store.
1 egg
1 cup of breadcrumbs
2 strips of bacon

Place the meatloaf in a large bowl. Crack the egg into it, and pour about 1/4 of the bread crumbs on top. Knead the meatloaf with your hands until all the egg and bread crumbs are in.
Continue pouring the breadcrumbs in, 1/4 cup or so at a time, until it’s all absorbed. Form into “brain” shape.
Place into lightly greased pan. Now, our oven gets really hot and sometimes burns the bottom, so we place the pan into another, deeper pan, which we fill with water. This is optional.
Create a groove across the top, and lay bacon strips in the groove.
Set to 400 degrees. Cover. Cook for 1.5 hours.
Remove covering, and put back in to brown. In the meantime, make the rice and whatever gravy you like with it.
When the rice pops up (we use a rice cooker) you’re ready to eat! Serve. Makes enough for 2.5 people.

In other news, two old ladies got ahead of me at the Dunkin’ Donuts this morning. I desperately tried not to let them, but they did anyway, and I was right not to let them…the one old lady got up to the counter, and said, “I need…a…I need a…coffee. Large. No, not large. Medium, no small.” :smack:

I thought those were called high waters. :smiley:

My meatloaf recipe calls for two pounds of ground beast plus a pound of either mild or medium bulk sausage. Plus bell pepper and onions and garlic and bread crumbs and egg and some cream of celery or mushroom soup. It’s kinda soupy. I likes bbq sauce on top of it. Everybody likes it so I’m doin’ something right. I just kinda moosh it all together, form it into loafs (makes two) and bake about 375 covered for 30 minutes, then uncovered for 15 minutes. GOOOOOOD!!!

I want some pokechops too. Some really bad for me fried pokechops. Haven’t had em in forever!

FCM, you rock! One sad moral from me, then I’ll move on - when taking senior citizens out on a lake, please make sure they wear life vests.

My weekend was bor-ing. Mr. beckwall worked a lot, he is editing a wedding and reception - and the music at the reception was provided by Mr. Chris Isaak. These people had the bucks, it was a 4 camera shoot. Apparently, after the service was over, the microphones were still hot and you can hear the bride say “Holy crap!”. I told Mr. beckwall to edit that out, but he’s tempted to leave it in. He’s a rebel, ever since he read that Robert Rodriguez book he thinks he can be avant garde with weddings, medical programs, etc. - at least he’s not going for the JL Godard angle.

And since my SF Giants suck themselves into 3rd place, I am putting all my energy into rooting for the awesome Padres. Did they ever make it to .500? No matter, they have a really nice ballpark and I like their mascot. Go Padres!

I’m not a meatloaf guy, but adding the bacon across the top could convert me, because I AM a bacon guy.

My favorite scrambled eggs are the ones that start with fresh jalapenos from the garden, and have some sharp cheddar mixed into the eggs. MMMMMMM.

I had a long weekend in Clevelanbd visiting the child and seeing a ball game. Too much long days, too much food and not enough sleep. Feeling kind of foggy here myself, but I’ll snap out of it. I think.