Guild Wars 2 Pre-Purchase

Guess this means I should finally get around to playing the first game (and expansions). Does anyone have a recommendation for a class to do a PvE run through with?

Hmmm. If you want to play all three games make sure they are all part of the same account so you can easily cross between the campaigns.

If you are starting from scratch I would recommend making your first character in Nightfall. The main benefit of that is your ability to unlock heroes (who you add to your party) early on. Heroes are as customizable as player characters are (of course there is some expense in equiping them) and generally much better than henchies (added to parties as NPC with set skills). All classes have skills and builds that are good for soloing or going with heroes/ henchies, so the exact class depends on what you want to do, ranged, melee or caster. The only thing, if you do start in Nightfall you can’t start as a Ritualist or Assassin (they are Factions professions) and both are popular classes. Monk, warrior or ranger are probably your best bets.

2 good resources: [URL=“”]GuildWiki and PvXWiki.


With the Eye of the North Expansion, any level 10 character* can travel to that area and not only get heroes (in addition to those in Nightfall) but also get a temporary boost to emulate level 20. It also helps that the EoTN heroes all start at level 20 where the Nightfall ones start out at lower levels. Otherwise I think Factions is still the fastest in getting to level 20.

*Characters from the original game, Prophecies will hit level 10 long before they reach the area where the portal to EoTn is without getting a run. Factions characters haven’t as much to do to get to their portal, but will still be over level 10.

As for wiki’s I prefer ArenaNet’s official one and is also the one you get when you look in the F11 Help menu or use the /wiki command. Also PvX has mostly abandoned the wikia site from what I can tell, and has moved here instead.

I also still play, and would be glad to help any dopers out. Enter in Asp Kicker if you want to add me, and drop me a pm if you see me on. :slight_smile:

What a fantastic idea, making wiki content available from within the game! I wonder why other mmos don’t do that.

I forgot about EotN. However, I still think it is better to start in Nightfall. The Hero Skill Trainers will allow skills to be unlocked earlier and without cost. Plus there are the Sunspear points which are useful because the Sunspear skills are all pretty good. Then, yeah go to EotN and start unlocking the Norn skills and Ebon Vanguard skills.

FTR, I just started downloading the beta version…

As have I. I preordered it, and I’m in the process of patching it right now. It’s just a shame we have to wait 'til this weekend to actually get in the game.

I’m a little nervous. It’s so new and I’m used to consulting a wiki or experienced players. Mine updated in just a few hours.

From what I see, you can move servers fairly easily in the Beta. I don’t know what server I am going to settle on, but I will start on EU Far Shiverpeaks, since that is where people from my current guild will be going. I guess I would stay there unless lag is too big a problem.

How did you get server info? I can’t get past the login screen.

Guild Wars 2 server names.

Actually it just opens in a browser window.

Yeah, but it has direct links to items or locations or baddies you have just come into contact with. It is done pretty well.

Just talking with a friend of mine tonight who just decided to pre-purchase the game and it seems that the game is sold out via the direct links on the Guild Wars 2 website. It seems like Gamestop might be running out (or already out) of beta codes as well.

Going to be on Deldrimor server myself tomorrow. :slight_smile:

One thing that I noticed in the options menu for the game was that it is using DirectX 9. I assume that is for development and the beta and that the release will be at least DirectX 10, if not 11.

Anyone know when the beta weekend starts?

Noon Pacific. 3:00 Eastern. The GW2 site has a countdown clock, but ANet always starts events at noon Pacific.

So, I’ve made a necro named Ike Witt. I have no idea how the in game messaging works so can somebody please try to whisper me?

This game is incredible.