Guild Wars - how did I miss this?

A massive online multiplayer RPG that works well, looks good, and doesn’t cost a monthly fee? Impossible you say?

This game got a 9.2 on Gamefaqs. Gamefaqs are the same people through whom I found the great game Planescape: Torment, which I never would have bought otherwise, not to mention many more.

Just bought Guild Wars and I’m amazed…beautiful, lush settings, quick load times, lots of people - and best of all, it’s free! No monthly fee. No giving my credit card to anyone. Wow!

I highly recommend. Anyone else playing these days?

Guess you missed this thread as well

Who’s Playing Guild Wars?

Reading it, thanks!

Meh. Understand that I’m coming from the viewpoint of a WoW fanatic, so I’m probably biased, but GW is not an MMORPG. The only massively-multiplayer parts of the game are the towns. Everything else is instanced. You (or your small group) are the ONLY players in any given area, as the server creates a separate instance of that area when you enter it. That’s really not much different than the old Diablo multis.

I don’t mind that. That’s all my SO & I were looking for. And no matter what, it’s worth it not to have to pay a fee. Pay a fee = you feel like you have to play, to make it worthwhile.

If that’s what you were looking for, then have fun! :slight_smile: