Guilty Pleasure Gifts

I don’t know. I have a thing about the satin on blankets – just love it for some reason. As luck would have it, I still have my baby blanket and would love someone to take the rag to a tailor and have satin put back on the edges (I think I chewed it all off many, many years ago).

Or, I’d be doing backflips if anyone could find that horribly outdated song by the now defunct group, Imagination, “It’s just an Illusion” and put it on a cd.

I’d do jumping jacks if someone would offer to return my late library books.


Wait no longer to backflip.

I just bought it.

I would have written sooner but I was backflipping.

Thanks, KneadtoKnow.

:tips cap:

It’s all part of the service ma’am.

Now, about those library books … :smiley: