Guilty pleasures.....

OK, time to 'fess up. What are those things you do, like, buy, watch, or read that you’d rather gouge an eye out with a red-hot spoon before admitting to your best friend??

Here’s mine: I drink Zima. And I like it, damn it!! Especially the new citrus kind.


I liked the movie “Can’t Hardly Wait.” The second, third, and fourth time, too.

::hangs head in shame::

Starbucks Carmel Frappachino. It’s so yuppie I want to buy a Volvo and Boat Shoes before I leave the damn place.

Sometimes when I had a bad day, I’ll play that song “Walkin’ On Sunshine” by Katrina et. al. and dance around my room.

I read Nora Roberts’ trashy romance novels and I like them, damnit!

I own Notting Hill, the Runaway Bride, and Pretty Woman and I watch them. A lot. I really love Julia Roberts.

On really bad nights, when I am terribly depressed and lonely, I’ll eat a whole carton of Ben & Jerry’s Holi Cannoli! and watch the aforementioned Julia Roberts movies, or Say Anything. John Cusack makes me feel less alone.

And I’m not ashamed!

Oh… heck.

I love grabbing a bottle of Coke-in the glass bottles-and chilling it until it gets all slushy when you open it…and then… then… I put salted peanuts in it! [Shut up! It’s a southern thing!] It is so bad for me. All that sugar and fat. But I love it!

I think I can top that. :wink:

I’ve seen Armageddon in excess of 20 times. Combine this with the fact that I was a Geoscience major in college, and I actually wrote my thesis on Extraterrestrial Impacts and the Cretacious/Tertiary Boundary, and it’s quite embarassing.

Oh well…Ben Affleck is really cute. :slight_smile:

I love Fuzzy Navel “malt beverages.” You know, not real Fuzzy Navels with schnapps and all that, but the kind in the wine cooler aisle.

I am so pathetic. :slight_smile:

Hey, Arden Ranger, I grew up doing that with a cold RC cola. I am from middle TN. Where are you from?

Oh, and I loved American Pie. Saw it twice.

Born in Texas, but it was my grandmother in south Arkansas that got me hooked on Coke and peanuts and my uncle, curse him, introduced me to RC cola and

:: hangs head ::

Moon Pies.

[[See why I’ve been on a diet my whole adult life?! Like being Irish/Italian wasn’t trouble enough!]]

Where in TN? The ex and I used to live in Shelbyville, Walking Horse Capitol of the World! [That embarrasses me, too :)]]

Shakey’s “Bunch-a-Lunch”
…all the high-sodium, artery-clogging foods you can stuff into your face at one sitting…

Turning to the Sports page in the newspaper before reading the “real” news.

Flirting shamelessly with AudreyK, Ayesha and Byzantine.

You know those ‘Real Life Cop Videos’ FOX shows on Saturday nights? It’s not for entertainment, you know- they really ARE trying to save your life.

I am SO ashamed :frowning:

Okay here goes,
I really like a Keanu Reeves movie. I watch it over and and over. I even bought it on DVD so I can watch it in French and feel cultured. But something about a bunch of men in jail doing the electric slide to 'I Will Survive" cracks me up every single time I watch it!

I’m a guilty pleasure? Really?

Wow, me too ! I love it !

I love cheesecake, have read Scarlett the sequel to Gone With The Wind twice, have read every book in the Earth’s Children/ Clan of the Cave Bear series at least twice.

I love Wild Vines Strawberry Zenfandel, sloe screws and poopah chalupa.

And I eat buttermilk and corn bread.

While visiting other cities, I have gone to the great museums of the world, and if I get there near closing time, I have sometimes (ok, often) skipped the museum and gone straight to the gift shop.

If I’m driving in the car by myself, I play my Duran Duran cassettes and sing along.

Hey I do that too, go to the great museums of the world, first port of call the gift shop.

I watch Roswell religiously.

If you tell anyone, I’ll kill you.

Sushi. Can’t get enough of it. If I’m given the choice when out with friends (which I’m usually not) I’ll usually try to find the nearest place where I can get sushi.

Visiting old cemetaries. I’ll walk around them for hours, reading the epitaphs, finding out about the people who lived before even my grandparents were alive. And often crying about the children who lost their lives early.

80s hair bands. When I get in a bad mood, especially, I’ll just put on one of my mix CDs with Europe and Whitesnake and White Lion and the rest and play it until the mood is gone. Brings me back to my teen years.

Trash Novels. All my sci-fi friends would hang me for this offense, but I love to pick up Harlequin Intrigues and read them. Sometimes I’ll even get a couple down in an afternoon.

I’m with ya on those 2 100%! I’ll have sushi and haunt the graveyards with ya, if you’ll carry the tape so I can try to use the crayon my kids left lying around to make a rubbing of any tombstones that strike my fancy! The 80’s hair bands…not quite with ya there unless totally f*cked up hair counts like R Smith from The Cure…and as far as the romances…dayum! I have read a few but I’d much rather waste brain cells on such riveting stuff my Stephen King or even Anne Rice insert distaste “you read Anne Rice? Glorfied horror with a healthy dose of soft porn!!!”

But hey…I’m game for the first 2!

TruePisces I’m with you on everything except the Sushi but then again, I’ve never tried it so what do I know!

As long as you have enough crayons for me! My walls are bare. I need some cool decorations!

Hey, I read Anne Rice, too. Not as much as I’d like… too much of an imagination for horror. Don’t sleep for days. But I LOVE Vamp stories. (Don’t ask, it will take far too long to explain the workings of my inner mind! :smiley: ) Mostly, I pull out the fantasy stuff like Mercedes Lackey & Laurell K Hamilton, sometimes a little more hard-core sci-fi like Heinlein and Asimov… but when I just need a mental fluff, I reach for the Intrigues…

So when do we leave? I’m sure there’s gotta be a real old cemetary with a sushi bar near by around here somewhere! MissBHaven, wanna come along? :slight_smile: