Guitar players, chime in: Infomercial guitar player Esteban- Maestro . . . or Fraud?

This is the guy who wears all black, including a Spaghetti Western hat and sunglasses and is constantly selling his CDs on QVC . . and now I saw him tonight selling guitars with instructional tapes for under $99 on a 30 minute infomercial.

Esteban claims he studied under Spanish guitar master Segovia. And I watched his infomercial tonight, and from my unstudied ear, he can play, and at the very least, is very entertaining with the guitar.

But some red flags came up:

-He is a huckster. This guy is one hell of a speaker and a salesman, and certainly has developed a good gimmick for himself.

-On his website, and in his commercials, he claims that he is “at the top of the Billboard charts” constantly . .yet, does not have a major record deal.

Things that make you go . . hmmm . . .

-On his site, he claims to have achieved the “personal endorsement” of Segovia in 1978. Did Segovia have Esteban shamelessly hawking $100 guitars (only three easy payments of $33), claiming that he just wants children in families with “nominal incomes” to play guitar, on his mind when he gave the endoresement?

Dioes anyone have more information on this guy, and guitar players- is he a guitar master, or just a good guitar player with a great act?

He has a bunch of cd’s at amazon such as this one. Also a cd win which he isplaying with others. I also found this review of his live performance which appears credible. Lastly here is a review of one of his cd’s that seems to be pretty positive.

I would say he is the real deal. A classically trained guitarist who put his name on a piece of crap product just as his musical ancestors before him.