Guitar: Top 100 Riffs in One Take (12 minute video)

I posted this to the Great Ongoing Guitar Thread, but realized that non-guitarists might dig the fun music and stunt guitar work, but don’t check the GOGT. Mods, if this violates some rule - sorry in advance.

Here is a link to the vid:

And here is what I posted in the GOGT:

To quibble with some of the quibbles, the list is described as 100 Riffs (A Brief History of Rock N’ Roll), then in the text as 100 famous riffs. No claim to have selected the best or most important. So anything important and recognizable is fair game, and anything he leaves out is OK too.

That is an amazing feat of playing. The detunes and retunes were impressive, and the second time he switched to slide, when he fretted a note on the low E with his right hand while he picked up his slide with his left, was really cool, both in idea and execution.

There were a few things where the tone was so off that it bothered me (Black Magic Woman and Fortunate Son leap to mind), but I was more focused on notes and technique than tone. I figured on Fortunate son he may have stepped on the wrong pedal and thought “screw it, I’m plowing ahead”.

Aside from the tuning and slide switches, I was particularly impressed with his excution of Van Halen tapping and the Cliffs of Dover riff in the midst of everything else he was doing, pretty tough riffs and transitions.

All true. I portrayed it inaccurately by referring to it as the “Top 100” - sorry.

And here are some of the quibbles copied from the GOGT - last time I will do this; if folks end up posting most comments in the GOGT, I will just leave them there.

Where was Whole Lotta Love :eek:

He sort of lost me a bit after What Difference Does It Make* I knew everything up to that point, afterwards not so much. Two each from Zeppelin The Beatles, Jack White and… Motley Crue er what?

Pictures of Matchstick Men is actually a Status Quo song (their Caroline is another omission).
Ooo, it’s home time maybe more thoughts later.

  • which is properly played in an open C shape but never mind

I guess everyone but me can view this video. When I bring the page up, I see a photo of what I think is a guy playing a Strat for a fraction of a second then it just goes white and there is no video controls or anything else in that space.

I’m having trouble with it too, but a different problem. The audio plays fine but the video stops and starts and is not keeping up with the audio. And it doesn’t appear to be a buffering issue since I can see the “buffering” progress bar is far ahead of the “play” progress bar. Too bad, because it looks like it would be a fun video to watch.

That was awesome. I particularly liked the half smile as he stomps on his final switch at the end. He rocked it and he knows it.

Why did he label “Pictures of Matchstick Men” as Camper van Beethoven? The riff came from the original Status Quo version from the 1960s. Credit where credit should be due.

Tough as nuts to play all that in one take. But where’s garage rock? Fabulous Wailers? Music Machine? Sonics?

Where’s Big Star???

Too much 90s/00s crap. But hey, the guy plays guitar very well. Good on him.

I had problems with a few of the riffs, mostly in the early-middle, which were just played wrong. I understand he’s adding his own flair at times, but some of the flair grated a bit.