Guitar90, congrats. You've past 50 million!

Fifty million, that’s a lot. And that doesn’t include duplicate posts.

That is awesome. :cool: Thanks for sharing that.

Holy crap. I haven’t seen this in a couple years; didn’t know it was so highly viewed. That blows away things like Miss SC and sneezing panda and the Wii Fit hula-hooping girl, doesn’t it? Is this the most-viewed video on Youtube?

Not sure of the most viewed, but the

Evolution of Dance video is curently at over 101.3 *million *views


Warn a guy before you link to Pachelbel’s Canon!

I used to shoot wedding videos, y’see…

Nah. According to this page it’s #20.

#1 is Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend (official music video) with 104.5mm views

#2 is the Evolution of Dance that labtrash linked to with 101.3mm views

The rest of the top videos have less than 77mm views…so this guy has a good shot at moving up, for sure.

Ha ha, sorry. A good friend of mine used to shoot weddings and sometimes I’d go along to help so I hear ya.

The thing about this video is it’s been growing steadily. The posts/replies are always current.