Guitarist/Vocalist: Need Someone To Write Music To My Lyrics

Being primarily a drummer, I can play chords, but not really well enough to write music. So anyone want to give it a shot?

It’s a 3/4- time love song/ballad with four verses, one chorus, and an instrumental break. I’d need music for all of it.

I will pay you for your time and efforts, no prob. I just cannot pay what the big demo folks are charging.

E-mail or PM, if you’re interested.



Oh yeah: You get music credit, and if you improve the lyrics, music and lyrics.


I checked the rules, and couldn’t find anything against asking for a reply to a post which heretofore (love that word!) has none, so this will be one more time to ask for some help with this tune.

I can play and sing it it on my drums, but somehow that just seems like it needs more than bang-bang-bang, bang-bang-bang.:smiley:

I checked with a place called “Demo My Song” and I thought they were gonna do the guitar part for me, and it was affordable that way, but now they want to add “songwriting” to it, since I don’t have a melody, which I thought was kinda shady, so I told 'em thanks, but no thanks. The song’s been written, it just needs some chords and the simpler the better.

HELP? Pretty please?:slight_smile:


Have a chord progression :smiley:

D A Bm F#m G D G A

My private messeges ain’t workin…send me what you want it to sound like, I see what I can do. :cool:

I have plenty tunes with no Lyrics…

I write lots and lots of music and lyrics myself, so if you want me to throw down some chords/backing music/etc. for what you’ve got, I’d love to try.

I don’t want to start a debate or anything, but if there’s no melody yet, how can you say the song has been written? The demo service (which I highly recommend you don’t use, since they usually recycle the same melodies and chord progressions… they’re called “song sharks”) was correct in considering it “songwriting”.

My advice to you would be, rather than paying someone a flat fee for putting your lyrics to music: Draw up a simple contract of 50/50 (or whatever terms you agree on) royalties for any money made by the song in the future. If it’s 0, then fine, nobody makes anything. But that way somebody doesn’t write you a hit song for fifty bucks and you go on to make millions. It might sound absurd, but I’ve seen it happen, and to ask a songwriter to write something for a small fee (as opposed to future royalties) is generally considered bad form.

That’s all I was gonna ask for :slight_smile:

(unless it got complicated…:dubious:)

Have you got a copy of you singing it with the drum track. It’s a little backwards but if your drum timing is good it can act like a click track and with the vocals it gives a good idea as to how the melody goes, then it’s just a matter of laying a baseline some guitar and whatever else you want to put in it. Ive got lots of studio musician friends so finding talent is not a problem, just let me know. I can email you some myspace addys so you can listen to some of their original stuff and you can decide for yourself. the only problem is they may not like it and may not be interested, so i hope your ok with that.

Jamicat, I love writing lyrics, just got one back from the studio this week and one of the local radio stations have been pushing for us to hurry up and get it done. The singer did an acoustic version live on air and they loved it.

You’re right. I cannot say that, and I mis-wrote. Althought the lyrics have been written, the complete song has not been. Thanks for the correction.:slight_smile:



Thanks for the replies!

I kinda do have an idea for the melody, but I’m hamstrung on how to get it to you online, since I am pretty damn ignern’t about making a recording track on the computer.

Let me study up on it (I have a mic) and see what I can work up a capella, but right now the song is in 3/4 time and I can e-mail it to anyone interested.


Interested for sure, whether or not I can turn out something good enough could be a whole other question :smiley: