Guitarists: Clapton's Selling Blackie!

Here is the Auction listing. Also selling the 335 from his Cream and Yardbird days and the Martin acoustic from Unplugged.

Wow - I am not a huge Clapton fan, but I respect his playing and his popularity and influence are undeniable.

The pre-auction estimate for Blackie is $100,000 - $150,000. Seems a bit low - I mean, if a couple of Jerry Garcia guitars can go for closer to $1 million each, I would assume this would go for a lot more than that…


really? no posts? I think this is a big deal…

He did this a few years ago, too. In fact, he got so carried away, he accidentally gave away a guitar he had meant to keep and had to buy it back.

The Strat he wrote “Layla” on went for about $500,000. I would think Blackie would get at least that much.