Guitarists: Please Recommend A "Fuzz" Pedal

First of all, if y’all have seen any of my threads, you will know that I’m very very much an amateur. I play an Ibanez Artcore AF75 through a little 15 watt Crate amp with an Overdrive feature. (Don’t *laugh[/i[, dammit:D)

Okay. I would like to buy a fuzz effects pedal (I wanna learn Norman Greenbaum’s Spirit In The Sky, but there are so many out there, and there’s so much I don’t know about them, that I really need some advice. My local music store offered me a Big Muff for 45 bucks, used, and I’m going over there this weeked with my guitar and try it out, but if y’all know of another pedal that’s better, I’d sure appreciate knowing about it.



I love the Big Muff. I also love the little Big Muff. I don’t think they make those anymore. I wil recommend two other fuzzy pedels. The Fuzz Face made popular by Jimi Hendrix and a pedel that is not a fuzz per say, but I used it in a production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch I played in this past summer, The Guvnor by Marshall. Remember when buying the gear always try to gey the old stuff. Don’t worry about the dings… just consider it mojo. The guts for all this stuff has gone down hill. Just like with the rest of the world greed makes poor products. Think of it like a house would you rather have a new house made of crap materials or an old house made from real wood stone etc. Good Luck

Try it out. If you like it the price is certainly right.

I’ve always advised rookies to stay away from pedals until they’d acquired medium chops simply because they can convince you that you’re better than you are. My first guitar teacher called pedals ‘talent enhancers’ because they made it even easier to sound good.

Not that I listened. First things I bought were a chorus and overdrive pedal.

try a boss metal zone, its a good pedal and is in your price range, $50, i got one and its worked really well. Where i live most people have them because their as good as pedals that are $30 more. Listen to Jonathan Chance though, pedal do make you seem better than you are so avoid becoming dependant on it in your playing.

The Boss Metal Zone isn’t a true fuzz-pedal. If you really want that old-school, playing-cards-in-the-bicycle-wheel-spokes fuzz-tone, go with the Big Muff.

Like Howie said , take a look at Boss pedals. Before i went with a rack system, I used a Boss Digital Metalizer . I still have it and use it with my practice amp. It has built in distortion, delay and chorus settings, making it pretty versatile for a single pedal. Good luck , Quas

Can’t go wrong with a Boss DS-1. Period. It’s orange, you can’t miss it, and it’s been used so heavily and pervasively in modern rock music, it’s not even funny. It’s also about 35 bucks, IIRC.

Thanks for the advice guys! I had to smile at the comment that a pedal would make me sound better than I actually am. I don’t know…I suck pretty bad still, although I am getting better with my chord changes! :slight_smile: My other pedal is a used chorus, and I’m having a lot of fun playing my accoustic electric Takamine Jasmine through it.

Can’t wait to learn Spirit… that particular riff was also used by Canned Heat IIRC.