Gulf States withdraw Qatar ambassadors

Egyptian Streets

I’m guessing the little petrol station called Qatar will be asking if it can join the EU next. :smiley:

In the entire region this little emirate that funds and supports the Muslim Brotherhood activities and hosts the exiled ones, I cannot think of any regional friends it has left now.

Can you?


Egyptian Streets is the source and if you have access to the internet then Google will bring you many more this morning

Getting serious now…

This is serious

The Gulf and Egypt seem to be making a clear break away from the Qatari and US supported Muslim Brotherhood jihadist side.

Gosh, I hope this won’t affect their efforts to build all those air-conditioned stadia they promised for 2022.

Maybe I’m behind the times…

“US Supported Muslim Brotherhood”? Can you clue me in? A quick look around shows some blogs saying such things but all respectable media and think tanks aren’t leaning that way.

I just know this will become a cite war, but I had to ask.

Egypt Foreign Ministry today announced it will not return it’s ambassador to Qatar who was recalled in February as diplomatic crisis deepens in region.

This could affect the World Cup since it will affect air space travel over other countries.

Pressure will be on the USA now to choose between having it’s friendship with the Muslim Brotherhood or the Gulf and region.

Well my advice would be not to take your information from blogs and be very careful about what your media tell you :smiley:

Try checking out US generals and see what they have to say about the MB and the USA connections or check out the MB and MB sites themselves.

Ask yourself why your president refuses to declare the MB as a terrorist group.

Reported - no link or discussion or debate. It’s not even Mundane & Pointless material.

So we should just take our information, without cites, from you?

Sure, as long as they’re not retired old nutbag generals who are interviewed by infotainment sources like World Net Daily.

Marmite Lover, while I support your desire to discuss and debate issues throughout the middle east, I have to question your behavior.

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Instead of making vague sneering insinuations across multiple threads, would you instead care to offer up your own theory for why this is so we can discuss it?

In Marmite world, the US government is behind pretty much everything that happens. I expect he will shortly be back to tell us that the US is also responsible for the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain threatening to sanction Qatar.

Don’t worry, the world cup isn’t for eight years yet, not that one at least. Hopefully not even then, bloody Qatar.

As for the rest, maybe in future Qatar will realise they have to kow-tow to the Saudis when choosing which groups of crazy fundamentalists to fund.

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