Gulf War Syndrome and ALS

Recently, many Gulf War (I) vets have been diagnosed w/ALS (aka Lou Gehrig Disease). does this mean GWS=ALS. (Disclaimer: I think GWS is a CROCK! It’s a result of chem/bio weapon exposure)

I googled: seems to link is at least theorrized. (I’m just keeping this on pg 1)

Well, some people say that Gulf War vets have about twice the chance to contract ALS than “their non-deployed counterparts.”

On the other hand, the second link also says that some are questioning the study (studies?) that stated that in the first place.


(Emphasis mine.)

Michael Fumento is pretty strong-worded and offends a lot of people, but he always seems to have the facts on his side. In the article Gulf Vets Needn’t Fear Lou Gehrig’s Disease, he says:

Robert Haley is an embarrassment to the Dallas area. He’s put out this kind of crap before, and it never stands up to scrutiny.

And erictelevision, if you think GWS is a result of chem/bio exposure, Fumento slaughters that one as well. See . If you think that his debunking of GWS would get some gulf vets all riled up, you’re right! Read his Hate Mail.

Well, I don’t believe in some all-encompasing Gulf War Syndrome, either. It may be something else common to the area, and it may be several somethings, but I was there this spring/summer and out of all the people that went, one guy came back and got really sick and is now saying he has GWS. It couldn’t have had anything to do with the spider bite he got, though. :rolleyes:

So, in my opinion GWS is a myth. People getting sick from something, however, is not. I have no doubt about that. It’s just not GWS.


You’re right - people get sick all the time, whether or not they’ve been to the gulf. But if Joe Sixpack gets a chronic illness, he’s unlucky. If a gulf vet gets the same illness, he attributes it to GWS. Study after study has found that gulf vets are at least as healthy as the general population. They do report a higher incidence of vague, achy-type symptoms, but these are all symptoms that are psychomatic. What do you expect, though, if you tell somebody they’re supposed to feel bad for years?