Gun Grabbers

All of the slogans tugging on emotions.

All of the shootings in gun free zones that go on until the shooters takes himself out, or is shot by someone finally arriving(with a gun) after maximum damage.

Fuck you, gun grabber.

The Gabrielle Giffords shooting was stopped by tackling the guy, and a CCW carrier arriving at the scene chose not to draw. He nearly ID’d a bystander as the shooter. But thanks anyway!

As you have been told many times before, your, your friends’, and the NRA’s knee-jerk insistence that anybody be able to carry any gun anywhere in any manner they please is doing more to destroy the Second Amendment than all the Nancy Pelosis in the world by making people like me, who like guns but support reasonable regulation, turn against you because you are plainly insane and should not be allowed near guns.

You mean like “gun grabber”?

There are no gun free zones in the US, thanks to the gun worshipers. You should be happy when you hear of some lunatic with a gun shooting people up; that’s what you are fighting for.

“Gun-free zones” got nothin’ to do with it. The world’s best-trained, most-alert, most heavily armed men couldn’t stop it either.

The notion that way to stop shootings is to make sure that guns are freely available is the epitome of insanity and twisted logic.

For every mass shooting in a gun free zone, there are far more incidents of “gun worshipers” using them to defend themselves and others.

They just don’t get the attention that mass killings do because it is tragic when so many lives are lost. The disconnect is that they are mass killings because nobody had a chance to stop them.

Gun Grabbers is a name, not a slogan.

Fine. Disarm Obama’s protection.

Are you stupid, or have you just not thought your shit through?

David Frum has posted these helpful tips

Another mass casualty shooting, this time at Washington Navy Yard. (1)

In wake of this most recent mass-casualty shooting, it is important that we all respect the feelings of America’s gun enthusiasts. (2)

Observing a few simple rules of etiquette will help the post-shooting conversation to proceed in appropriate ways. (3)

Rule 1: It is “ghoulish” to suggest in any way that the easy availability of guns might in any way enable gun slaughter.

Rule 2: Gun crime in the president’s hometown proves that guns anywhere else are no fit topic of conversation.

Rule 3: All gun owners are to be complimented as responsible and law-abiding until they personally have hurt themselves or somebody else

Rule 4: Any attempt to stop mass casualty shootings is “political.” Allowing them to continue is"non-political."

Rule 5: Gun ownership is essential to freedom, as in Serbia & Guatemala. Gun restrictions lead to tyranny, as in Australia & Canada.

Ensuring that people who obey the law are disarmed in an area is a good way to make a soft target for a shooter who wants a high body count.

I admit I’m not aware of any instances where a person was intending to commit a mass shooting, and a civilian with a gun was able to stop the assault. Would you mind linking to a few?

You need someone else’s tips?

Before I go look for links, what does that have to do with gun grabbers wanting to disarm a woman the age of 70, and her right to carry a weapon to defend herself from an attacker wanting to rob, rape, or kill her?

Does this count, or does there have to be a body count. You have noticed that a lot of mass shootings start in gun free zones, and end when people with guns show up, correct?

So is “asshole”.

Straw man. No one wants to disarm 70-year-old women who want to defend themselves from being raped.

But as the Supreme Court said in Heller:

So if you have a problem with those of us who advocate enforcing this ruling, talk to the robed ones who handed it down.

Anecdote /= Data.

Jeanne Assam is another. Ms. Assam was a volunteer security guard at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, CO, December 9th, 2007, when Matthew Murray continued his killing spree. She exchanged gunfire with Murray as he entered the church, hitting him with several shots, and killing him. According to the pastor of the church, Ms. Assam saved several hundred lives. YMMV as to the veracity of that claim.

Opinions vary as to whether Nick Meli’s confrontation of Jacob Roberts at the Clackamas Town Center mall, December 11, 2012, induced Roberts to stop shooting at the shoppers, take cover, and take his own life.

I’m sure there are others; these are just what I had remembered off the top of my head.

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