Gun owners: how much do you spend on shooting?

How much do you budget for the following:

-investing in hardware: the guns themselves, acccessories, reloading equipment, etc.

-target practice: range fees if any, ammunition

-gun related activities: travel expenses, classes, hunting license, etc.

Hmmm. I have a .357 mag handgun that I take to the indoor range and blow a box of (cartridges?bullets?) once a year. If I ever need to use the gun, it’d be a box + 6. :smiley:

I dunno what a box of ammo costs? :confused: In addition, i renew my concealed carry permit when it is due, but again it is all nominal cost as far as I’m concerned.

Nothing. Mr. Mossberg sits quitely in the corner. Maybe someday, I’ll have to unload a few rounds into a coyote or a burgler and I’ll have to buy some more ammo, but till then, its on the cheap for me.

If I wanted to shoot, I’d just head out the back door. Nothin’ but snakes, lizards, rocks and the fag end of sage.

Way, way too much. But what the hell.

Seriously, how much? I’m trying to get some perspective on what’s average. I’d like to start practicing to pass the marksmanship requirement of a carry permit. Ammo and fees once a week at the nearest range would cost me about $30 a week.

Yeah, about that much.

Do you want to know how much I’ve spent since the day I got my first gun, or how much I spend per year, or total investment less ammunition costs?

For the first it’s been about $10,000 or so (all figures approximate) if I had to guess. Not too bad amortized over 6 years, but no small chunk of change. Per year, less initial investments in guns and accessories, around $1,500. I try to get out around twice a month, and my ammunition costs are about $150-200 per month if I stick to that schedule. My guns, holsters, grips, springs, cleaning kit, etc. total around $2,500. My safe was about $500 (a quick-opening electronic combination safe), and I’m probably going to need a bigger one. If I get longarms I’ll need one for sure, at around $2,000 or so.

Shooting isn’t cheap. It’s my hobby, though. Some people go to sporting events, I go to the range.

It seems like a lot. But it really isn’t much when compared to other things (e.g. boating).

Not much. Since I’ve been shooting guns since I was 9 years old, I don’t have a need to shoot every gun (same guns) to continue to be safe and proficient with them.

YMMV. Mine doesn’t. I just follow safe rules. It’s easy.

I run out to the property once a year where I have a safe range set up. I’ll shoot some .22 some .38 and .357 maybe some 30-30 and .356. Costs more in gas than rounds.

I’ve never added it up.
Average month -
50 rounds of .45acp hardball + 10 hollowpoint (brand depends on my mood)
100 rounds .223
500 rounds .22lr
20 rounds .308 or .300 WinMag

I don’t want to know what it cost.

$1500 a year is exactly what I estimated my “habit” would cost. Thanks!

All I do is trap shooting. I spend about $50-$60 a session to shoot through 100 shells and clays, no range fees. I generally get out about once a month if that, though.