gun powder in Jim Beam?

I’ve heard that gun powder is used somehow in the production of Jim Beam, and that’s what gives it its distinctive taste. Anyone know if this is true?

Sounds like an RL (rural legend) to me, though possibly with a grain of “sorta truth.” Not sure about Beam but JD is filtered through charcoal which is a component of gunpowder. The other components, sulfur and potassium nitrate, don’t seem to be things that would make whiskey taste better. Nothing on Snopes about it.

Note that modern ammunition propellant, nitrocellulose with nitroglycerine sometimes added, is not correctly called gunpowder.

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So it sounds like it is an obsolete method of testing bourbon strength, but that it never did end up mixed in with the actual batches being bottled, even back when it was used.

I’ll be sure never to ask for a shot!