Gun reccomendations

Roomie has convinced himself he needs a gun to fend off this dude who claims to be gunning for him.

He has put a deposit on a Glock, because he watches too many movies. During the ten day waiting period, he can change his mind, per the gun store.

Some people say a shotgun is a better choice.

I am recommending a Walther PPK, because if it is good enough for Hitler and 007, it is good enough for him.

Any other ideas?

And, um, I am not looking for folks that hate guns to chime in, I am looking for folks who know guns to give advice.

Ten days? But I’m mad now! Is he ever going to actually use it, meaning taking it to a range, take gun safety lessons, etc. or is it just for ‘protection’? I hope he realizes he can’t just keep it in his waistband without getting a lot of trouble if he’s caught with it. If he just wants a Fudd gun he can save money buying a Hi-Point 9mm pistol. They’re cheap and used ones are even cheaper. A shotgun is cheap too and popular for home defense. A Mossberg 500 series or a Remington 870 are the most popular shotguns of all time, and available everywhere. Buckshot is the recommended load for those.

IMHO, he has a legitimate and immediate need for this kind of protection. The ten day waiting period is limiting his ability to protect himself.

Look, I own a bunch of guns and my CCW just expired, but honestly, NONE.

“Convinced himself he needs a gun to fend off this dude who claims to be gunning for him” :rolleyes:

Are they going to be diving behind couches shooting wildly at each other too?

Is he going to illegally carry it so that he’s protected at all times and then be ready to launch into a major shootout even in the middle of the grocery store? Most likely hitting all manner of bystanders in the process and earning major jail time?

I’m not sure your friend is the one who has been watching too many movies here.

Then have him buy a shotgun. Or a rifle. There’s no waiting period on long guns. In some states you can buy a handgun from a private seller without a waiting period. Keep in mind the police have a really dim view of people with loaded weapons on their person without a permit. Even driving around with one within arm’s (heh) reach is a Really Bad Idea.

This is your roommate? Oy.

Go with the shotgun, and have him load it with #8 birdshot. Then you probably won’t be killed when he accidentally shoots through the wall.

When a dude is gunning for you and you have 10 days to act, taking a defensive stance is poor strategy. With that much time, going on the offensive is clearly what roomie needs to do in order to overcome his adversary. Nothing too fancy is required, a 30-06 is sufficient to take him out at 200 yards.

Stan’s best move, however, is to do just that: move.

A handgun would be a very poor choice for someone who has little or no training with firearms. A person with little firearms knowledge would be much better off with a shotgun. Not only that, but a shotgun is more effective for home defense. So he should get a shotgun. He should also get to the range ASAP to practice with it.

So if I were to buy a shotgun is there somewhere I could learn to use it in an urban area? I know there are pistol ranges that also teach gun safety but is there anything similar for a shotgun?

JTBC - I’m not Stan’s roommate :wink:

Not sure about your AO, but we have quite a few outdoor shooting ranges around here, including both public (run by the State of Ohio) and private clubs. They’re all located in rural and semi-rural areas.

I guess I’m rather fortunate. We live on 15 acres, so my backyard is my shooting range. :slight_smile: