Gunfire is not a sub for an alarm clock

Was awoken this morning by about 8 rounds of shotgun fire followed by 3 or 4 rounds of 9 mm fire and a whole bunch of yelling. Popped me out of bed and dressed, armed and holding my phone as I called 911.

Turns out the cops were serving a no knock warrant to someone who didn’t want to behave … right next door in a small town.

No idea what was actually going on, but thinking maybe drugs? Not that this little town of 5000 or so people has a huge drug problem, but shit happens.

Glad I don’t have a doctors visit set up, I think my blood pressure is through the roof right now. Half an hour later and I still have the adrenaline shakes. :eek:

Sorry you were awakened so abruptly. Call the local LEOs and request that they use the gentle awake option next time. A few rounds or 22LR, then some 38 special, a few .380, a few 9mm, and finish with the 12 gauge.

Nope. Nerve gas. Silent. Except for the agonizing screams of the victim but with good nerve gas that is only a few seconds.

Well yeah, but the OP might only think he’s dreaming and not wake up.


When I moved to The City of Los Angeles from northern L.A. County, gunfire frequently woke me up. It got to the point where I said to myself, ‘The next time someone shoots in the alley, I’m going to yell at them: DO YOU MIND? PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO SLEEP!’. And then the Crips and the Bloods came to their truce, and there was no more gunfire.

What about the helicopters though? Did those stop?

Yeah, and they were such bad shots - no aim. So it was a lot of gunfire with very limited damage. I always wanted to tell them, “Could you work on your aim? Maybe a little target practice?” :smiley:

Nope, those never did. Of course everyone blamed civilian pilots, when it was actually the LAPD making all of the noise.

I lived under the traffic pattern for Santa Monica Airport. I liked living under the traffic pattern for Santa Monica Airport. I like ‘airplane noise’. But not at two o’clock in the morning for a couple of hours.

You got up, didn’t fall back & oversleep, & were not late because you hit the Snooze bar too many times. Kwityerbitchin.
I was awakened one mid-December night to, “Police! Open the front door.” Seems my nieghbor’s adult son’s girlfriend’s probation officer (how’s that for a string of possessives?) just wanted to give her her Christmas gift. :rolleyes:

She :stuck_out_tongue:

Lived under the flightline for NAS Norfolk and NAS Oceana, I also like planes. I can pretty much ID any Naval plane and helicopter by sound now.

I don’t work so I don’t really have any schedule other than 0500 pills and insulin shot and breakfast. Not uncommon for me to go back to sleep for a few hours. [though when I was working on balancing some drugs I needed, one was also used as a light sedative so I would take it, be ok for an hour then fall asleep for a couple hours, wake up for the second dose, be ok for an hour then fall asleep. I sort of did a sine wave around the clock til my body decided it was ok for me to actually wake up for most of the day]

Living on 13th Bay in Ocean View [the military/white slum area of Norfolk VA] was sort of like that. The population was enlisted military, strippers, bikers, hookers, pimps and poor white trash like me … there was always an undercurrent of light arms fire, fist fights, loud arguments and people driving by slowly looking for hookers. Made me glad I lived in the back duplex of a cement block building with few windows.

Oddly enough, despite living pretty far from most people, I’ve been awoken to gunfire, too. But, in our case, it’s someone shooting a critter or showing off their guns or, worst yet, someone partying and shooting a gun in the air.

Usually this is during decent hours, but not always.