Gunmen storm Chinese Consulate in Karachi, killing 2 police officers; smoke seen rising from buildin

Any guesses on who would want to storm the Chinese Consulate? It seems like an unusual target for an attack in Pakistan.

I have no idea if it’s relevant here, but there are a lot of unhappy Muslim Uighurs under Chinese rule.

The perps seem to be from the Balochistan Liberation Army. Baluchistan is the province where the Chinese are involved in massive infrastructure development projects not always appreciated by the locals.

Depending on who you speak to, the BLA is an agent of Iran, India, The CIA/Mossad/MI6/Joos, etc.

It’s Pakistan, so it’s complex and unclear.

What the fuck are you getting at? BLA is supported by the Gulf States and based in Afghanistan mostly in areas outside of the control of both the Taliban and NATO.
They get a lot of support from India, as a matter of principle, same way as we support the Naxolited.

They failed to enter. (Graphic.

I am literally summarizing the first ten responses from the WhatsApp group of my university alumni class of xx.

I see that I did forget to list Saudi Arabia and UAE.

You have been out of Pakistan too long. WhatsApp groups are the new chai khana/drawing room discussion, and just as accurate.

Damn they weren’t lieing about the extremely graphic warning in your link.