“Gunnar’s Wheels” needs you, Dopers!

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Gunnar’s Wheels [<–Facebook link] is a non-profit, husband & wife team (Jason & Stephanie Parker) that — since Aug. 2016 — secures and provides wheelchairs for handicapped dogs, cats and other domestic critters, free of charge.

Gunnar (the Parkers’ handicapped Black Lab) is entered in The American Humane Hero Dog Awards competition. If he wins, the non-profit will receive $5,000. This can help the Parkers provide even more future wheelchairs.

What Gunnar needs is for you to go to this site and vote for him! You can vote once a day, everyday, until the contest ends May 3rd. Thanks in advance from all of Gunnar’s fans! (and burpo and burpette)

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Gunnar’s Wheels has been selected as the 4th recipient of GoFundMe’s Hero Award. Could lead to bigger bux for the non-profit.

Go Gunnar!


Thanks,** Gus**! Or was it Spot who voted? Both? :slight_smile:
Keep fingers crossed; they might be on the Today show soon!

My Simone is mobility-challenged – her back legs are weak and clumsy due to neurological impairment. She voted (by proxy).

Who’s a good girl? Simone is; yes she is! Thank you, Simone! ::ear skritch::
[Sailboat, you might consider contacting Gunnar’s Wheels to see if they can help Simone with a wheelchair! If you don’t have Facebook, PM me and I’ll pass your info on to burpette and she’ll pass it on.]

Voted! I also read Gunnar’s story on the GoFundMe page and had a little cry.

I’m so happy their tragedy turned in to such a victory for injured dogs!



Zipper and StG, thanks for your votes! Stay tuned for further developments!

I just now saw this thread and voted.

I’ve seen a couple dogs at the local dog park who have little wheeled supports to get them around.

And now that my dacshund Nathan is having back and mobility issues, I think I’ll follow Gunnar’s Wheels.

I actually knew a dog named Gunnar at our park, but he’s crossed the bridge.

I was fairly confident you’d be checking in, Baker, thanks for the vote(s).

I can’t find it at the moment, but I’ve recently seen a video of a dog wheelchair modified for you folks of the frozen tundra – it has skids! replacing the wheels. You should see that beastie go!! I’ll look some more in a bit and post same.

Thanks – I don’t think she’s ready for that (yet). She can actually walk when properly motivated (usually by the presence of other dogs). As recently as last night she managed perhaps half a mile of unsteady wandering before we popped her into the stroller and finished the 2.4-ish mile walk. But when it’s time to go outside for the right-before-bedtime potty break, she’s like a passively-resisting protestor making police drag her.

Don’t let her play you, Sailboat, you know how they are. :wink:

My missus found the video: This is Mr. Tuff-E-Nuff, who had a Gunnar’s Wheels cart with skids for slaloming through the white stuff. Look at him go!

It’s the first video in the far right column (I hope).

In case I inadvertently glossed over this, everyone can vote every day until the contest wraps on May 3rd. The more votes, the better the chance Gunnar wins the contest.

Gotta go vote.

Again today.

Zeus reminds me every day.

Good boy, Gus! :slight_smile: You’re a credit to doggie-dom.

I’m betting you don’t tell that face, “No,” too often, huh? Whatta cutie.

Gunnar’s Wheels is featured on Today.com as we speak. And you might want to check out their GoFundMe page, but you better sit down first–as of yesterday morning, they had +/- $11,000. The total now? :eek:

That’s good progress. I watched Mr. Tuff-E-Nuff scoot around in the snow and punched Gunnar’s ballot again.

Thanks again, Sailboat. I’m really pleased with the response for this thread. My wife is ecstatic; she knows Paige, the vet who got the first cart for Hope and has been monitoring their progress and keeping in constant contact with Jason and my missus is a whirling dervish of happy.

Every view, every dollar, every contact, every post is contributing to the snowball effect.

This is a good thing. Thanks, Dopers!

I’ve marked this thread so I can remember to vote each day. I hope your baby wins.

Merci beaucoup, Baker-san, same here. The publicity is priceless.