guys (and girls who shave their faces)

Ok, so I normally use a regular razor (i.e. a mach 3) and I am just getting fed up with it. I cut myself, if I am in a hurry it is no good, it doesn’t cut everything on my oddly contoured face, it can irritate my skin.
Question is this, are electric razors better? I have never used one. Tell me your experiences.

No! Electric Razors are horrible! They never cut well at all, leaving alot of missed hairs all over my face, and when I was done, it felt like I just rubbed my face with sandpaper!

I also use a Mach3 razor. I only shave once or twice a week though, because if I do it more often, I end up with horrible razor burn! One cartridge usually lasts me a few months, too…those things are flippin’ expensive!!!

I have tried both kinds of razors, and I can’t stand electric razors, for much the same reasons as idiotboy.

Not long ago, there was a Straight Dope article about shaving. I’ll see if I can’t dig up the link for you, it may help you out some.

<sigh> Yet another speed shaver. Kyan Douglas would be appalled.

First thing, slow down. The cuts and the irregular shaving is largely a result of being in a hurry. Take the extra minute to shave slowly enough to avoid the cuts and reduce the irritation.

Now, let’s talk lubrication. Foam or gel? If you have a coarse beard or lots of curly hairs, foam is probably better as it will cling to the hairs and pull them more upright for a closer shave.

Timing: Shave after you shower. Showering will soften the hairs and will allow for a closer shave.

After you shave, use a good alcohol-free after shave.

I haven’t used a Mach 3 myself, but maybe a two-blade razor might be better for you.

*Originally posted by Otto *
First thing, slow down…Take the extra minute to shave slowly enough to avoid the cuts and reduce the irritation.[/qoute]

Yeah…that’s definately a big one. Speed shaving usually results in sloppiness, missed patches, and nicks and cuts.

Now, let’s talk lubrication. Foam or gel? If you have a coarse beard or lots of curly hairs, foam is probably better as it will cling to the hairs and pull them more upright for a closer shave.[/qoute]

Actually, since I only shave a couple times a week, my stubble gets pretty long come shave time…and I’ve used whatever was available and cheapest at the store. Different foams/gels never seemed to make much of a difference to me. Except for the Edge Sensitive skin one…that seems to keep the razorburn to a minimum.

Well, I, for one, shave in the shower. A nice steam-free mirror on the wall, and it’s easier than trying to lean over the sink, etc.

Nivea, Nivea, Nivea! Nivea for Men Aftershave Balm! I LOVE this stuff. Just started using it about 2 months ago, and I’ll NEVER use anything else!! It smells FABULOUS and soothes irritation like you wouldn’t believe!!!

Arrghhh…never fails…sutpid qoute!

I for one shave just before I get in the shower. Splash some water on my face, foam up with Gillete Foamy, and shave with a 2 bladed Gillete Atra. Does a good job. I’ve used other brands and always come back to those. I take my time, if I rush I tend to get nicks and a good razor rash.

I shave just about every day. If I don’t it gets a little long and thick and shaving tends to pull and irritate more.

I hate electics. Tried them several times but they can never get as close and they pull something fierce. If I don’t shave everyday with one the next time takes for ever and hurts like a &*@#%.

Have you tried Nare (sp?) I haven’t, but it may be the way to go if razors are irritating your face.

Another Nivea vote here. But I never thought about looking for a “steam-free mirror” … I’ll have to take a look around!

idiotboy, the reason you get a lot of missed whiskers with an electric is because you only shave every few days. With an electric, it is necessary to shave every day, before you shower.

If I use a razor, I get lots of ingrown hairs…some of my whiskers come out nearly parallel to the surface of my skin. An electric doesn’t give me the ingrown hairs, but if I skip even one day it is a real pain to shave. I get the missed hair syndrome and have to end up shaving twice to get them all.

I concede that a blade is closer, but I have tried and tried and just can’t stand the ingrown hair. Nothing like having a zit (or several) on your face for six months.

Just my experience. YMMV

What idiotboy said. In the shower and Nivea rocks. Their granulated face soap is good too.

[American Psycho]

And if my face is a little puffy in the morning I’ll apply a cold mask while I do my crunches.


For a close shave without physical disfigurement, try these tricks:[ul][li] Wet your face before shaving if you have not just showered.[/li]
[li] If you have an extremely dense beard, consider using a washcloth soaked in very hot water to soften your facial hair.[/li]
[li] Massage the shaving cream lather into your beard very well.[/li]
[li] This is one of the great secrets taught to me by the best barber I ever knew. DO NOT rinse your razor in hot water. Try to imagine the effect of dragging a hot piece of sharp metal across your skin. I taught this trick to a female friend who reported a 90% decrease in razor burn to her … nevermind.[/li]
[li] If time permits, wait until you have been out of bed for an hour before shaving. Sleeping often means laying on your face and this can make it puffy. Waiting an hour gives your facial skin the chance to tighten back up before being shaved.[/li]
[li] With respect to the previous item, those with extremely slow growing beards may find that shaving just before bed will render results equal to shaving immediately after rising.[/li]
[li] On a final note, using the above tricks I have rarely gotten any razor burn from shaving “against the grain.” Some may have differing experiences with this.[/li]
[li] I have also found that Walgreens 15 for $5.[sup]00[/sup] twin blade razors perform as good or better than many other brands. They definitely outperform the Gillette “Sensor” blades that cost twice as much.[/li]
[li] Most of all avoid using disposable razors. [/li]THEY PULL LIKE AN EFFING SLED DOG![/ul]
Follow these pointers and you should see a marked decrease in cuts, irritation and razor burn.

yup…got mine at Target I believe…came with 4 suction cups on back to stick to the wall, and a little fold down tray to hold my razor and shaving gel can…

Actually, that’s about the first five things. It’s a razor, not a race. Take the time to di it right.

Lighten up. A lot. Let the hair meet the razor, don’t try to dig it out.

Shave one way, then the other. Your hair doesn’t all grow in the same direction.

I don’t care how long you THINK your razor cartrdige lasts, change it about every 7-10 shaves. You’ll be surprised.

Mostly I use an electric shaver. There is no brand, no style and no cutting head that shaves nearly as well as a sharp blade. On the other hand, there’s very little chance you’ll get nicked. It’s a trade-off.

I think I should win a prize for the worst effect of a Mach 3 razor on a face. 2 days after I get a close shave with that blade my upper lip and lower jaw break out with the grossest whiteheads, they’re everywhere. I use the electric with avoids the cuts and breakouts but won’t shave as closely.

Not to be contrary, but I use an electric shaver, usually a bottom-of-the-line Braun or Remington corded one. I shave almost every day, twice if I’m going out late, and find it’s faster, much more comfortable, and cheaper too. The only drawback is the high price of replacement cutting heads and screens which are usually about 80% of the price of a new shaver. You have to change these at least once a year, otherwise don’t bitch that an electric doesn’t do a good job. Compared to the cost of Mach III’s though, when you find your electric is not cutting as well, chuck it and buy a new one, you’re still way ahead.

Anyone need a replacement cord? I have about fifteen of them.

I’ve tried every new razor since the late 1960’s, always alert for a slight improvement. Techmatic, Injectors, doubles, throwaways, lube strips, etc., etc. For several years, I kept going back to the Bic throwaways. The only thing that was worth leaving the Bic was the Sensor, and then the Sensor Excel. It starts with five tiny flexy vanes to lift up the hairs. Follows with two spring mounted stainless blades, then there’s a little lube strip. That whole head swivels to conform to my face. It’s good for a week before I change blade heads.

I shave right after a shower, pausing to wipe my face with a COLD washcloth to shrink the skin. Edge Gel.

A shaving thread…Ironic!

I shaved my goatee and sideburns off lastnight, my gf dared me to, then laughed like a hyena when i came out of the bathroom. After eight years of not having a razor near my bum chin, I remember why i didn’t shave, the pain, ooh the pain, nasty bloody shaving rash, blood on the sink and my chest and little bits of dunny paper stuck on my chin for a few hours after. I suppose i shouldn’t have used her leg razor…just kidding.

I’ll be watching the advice closely.

I also have the best “goatee tan”

Now what should I do to the hyena…

Get yourself one of those shaving mirrors that attaches to your showerhead. Best investment I ever made, goin’ on 20 years now. Wash your face, leave the soap lather on, or slap on your favorite stuff-in-a-can. Finish your shower, then shave. At that point your stubble will be nice and soft, the mirror is fog free,the razor will glide like a dream and all the lil’ tiny hairs go down the drain. A quick spritz of something alcohol-y on the freshly-shaved face, like what the barber uses, and you’re good to go. Cheapo disposables work fine using this method, can’t remember when I bought the last bagful.

Interestingly, when I shaved my full beard off a couple of weeks back (when I returned to the present day from Victorian times), I actually found that I got the closest shave I’ve ever had and didn’t cut myself once.

I’m using Gillette Blue II disposables at the mo, but I tend to change brand every once in a while because it seems like I get used to shaving with one kind and end up getting a worse and worse result.
Can’t use an electric as it just pulls (I’ve tried six or seven different models).